The Years of Tragedy

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  • Pearl Harbor: Through the Eyes of a Teenage Girl.

    Pearl Harbor: Through the Eyes of a Teenage Girl.
    Pear HarborThe attack on Pearl Harbor In the year 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The attaclk went on for hours and resulted in many American fatalitites.
    I was getting dressed for my morning laps around my neighborhood when I felt the ground shake as the paintings haninging on my bedroom walls fell to the floor. I looked out my window and saw the blood, smoke, and chaos. I knew then, I was'nt dreaming. There was no escpaping.
  • The Day I Felt I Had Let My Family Down

    The Day I Felt I Had Let My Family Down
    Treasury Department On December 7, 1941 agents of the United States Treasury Department seized the American Branches of the Japanese banks and locked their doors so that they were unable to open for business thereafter. The banks were closed and I could not open up for busines. It broke my heart to tell my wife that I could no longer provide for my own family. How will we get food on the table tomorrow?
  • I Could'nt Be There for My Family

    I Could'nt Be There for My Family
    Attorney General
    The Attorney General froze all travel outside of a 5 mile radius by all suspected "enemy" aliens,
    I remember getting a phone call saying my family had been badly hurt. They were in a hospital about 200 miles away from me and the doctors didn't think they would make it. I was not allowed to go visit them. My emotions were raging with frustration, sadness, and anger becasue I never got to say ggoodbye to my loved ones.
  • The Day I Was Separated From My Family

    The Day I Was Separated From My Family
    Executive Order Executive Order 9066, issued pursuant to the President's war powers, set the stage for the military oversight of Japanese, German and Italian aliens and citizens.
    Today I watched my family be torn apart as over 100,00 Japanese Americans were evacuated and incarcerated, My father's last words to me were that we would all be together again one day....I knew it was'nt true,
  • Detention Center: father's pov

    Detention Center: father's pov
    moved The first group of Japanese Americans were moved from LA to a detention center in California.
    I felt ashamed. Like I had let my kids down. All I wanted was for them to have better than I did. They must be embarassed to have me as their father. I could not even keep the safe...
  • Sent Away: Mother's pov.

    Sent Away: Mother's pov.
    Re - Registration in the form of loyalty questionnaires were given to all people 17+ in internment camps.
    Based on the results, my family was evacuated and had to relocate. I remeber the pain I felt thinkig about how we were expected to just drop everything and leave. We were betrayed, we were hurt, we were...sent away.
  • Proving Myself: army man pov

    Proving Myself: army man pov
    In May, the Japanese-American combat team was sent to the Italian front.
    FInally, I was given the opportunity to prove to my country that I am on there side. I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of American and I am ready to fight for my country!
  • I Survived..and I am One Step Closer

    I Survived..and I am One Step Closer
    soldiers[Allied]( Today is the day that the Allies landed in France.
    I was fighting in ths war and I survived. Over 9,000 of my fellow soldiers were killed. It was devastating; but now we are one step closer to defeating Hitler.
  • Taken: child pov

    Taken: child pov
    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that one group of citizens may be singled out and expelled from their homes and imprisoned for several years without trial, based solely on their ancestry.
    I remeber the tall men storming into our house and taking my father away. My mother screaming, tears came down her face becasue there was nothing she could do. My dad's last words to me were that everything was going to be okay. From the look in my mother's eyes...I knew that wasnt true.
  • We Are The Champions: army man

    We Are The Champions: army man
    SurrenderedOn August 14, 1945, it was announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally to the Allies.
    I was overjoyed. I was finally coming home to my family!! The war was finally over. I cannot wait to see my little children and kiss my beautiful wife. I have missed them so much. I never thought this day would come...but It is finally here!
  • Closed

    I, the President, have closed the intenrment camps. It's been a wild ride that I have been on ovetr the past 5 years. I am glad it is all over. I hope my country feels that I have done well.
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    The Years of Tragedy