The Romantic Period (The Twentieth Century)(1810-1890)

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  • Genres of The Romantic Period

    Anthem, Aria, Balade (poetic/vocal), Ballade (instrumental), Ballet, Character piece (miniature), Concerto. Etude, Incidental Music, Intermezzo, Landler, Lied, March, Marzuka, Minstrel song, Motet, Music Drama, Nocturne, Opera:
    German romantic opera
    Italian opera seria
    Italian comic opera
    Grand opera
    Opera comique
    Opera bouffe
    French lyric opera
    Italian tragic opera
    Opera semiseria
  • Genres of The Romantic Period (cont'd)

    Operetta, Orchestral Lied, Overture, Piano quartet, Piano trio, Prelude, Program symphony, Recitative, Sonata, Song cycle, String quartet, String duet, Symphonic poem (tone poem), Symphony, Tone poem
  • Period: to

    Gustav Mahler

    Austrian composer; some orchestral works can represent minimalism; large 10 programmatic symphonies, orchestral Lieder, conductor in Europe and the USA
  • Period: to

    Claude Debussy

    French composer and pianist; inventor of musical impressionism; influential modern composers
  • Period: to

    Richard Strauss

    Composer of tone poems and some of the first modern operas; accomplished conductor; works epitomize maximalism
  • Period: to

    Erik Satie

    Not an impressionist, but a leader in new French aesthetics on which impressionism was built; incredible innovator