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  • Telephone Created

    Telephone Created
    The first telephone was created by mister Alexander Grahm Bell.
  • hello

    Telephone transmission line runs across major cities
  • Transcontinental line was created

    Transcontinental line was created
    Everyone in the US was connected through this and were able to communicate easier. (created by the Bell System)
  • Bell System phone became more popular

    Bell System phone became more popular
    10 million Bell System telephones were in use by this year.
  • North American Numbering Plan

    North American Numbering Plan
    AT&T and Bell Labs develop a system that assigns telephone numbers to individuals in the United States, Canada, and Carribean Islands.
  • First 911 Call is Made

    First 911 Call is Made
    Legislation called for there to be a single nationwide phone number for citizens to call to report medical emergencies and fires.
  • "Mom? Is this you...? "No this is Patrick."

    "Mom? Is this you...? "No this is Patrick."
    Less confusion and less pranks because caller ID has been pattened by Carolyn Doughty.
  • Cell Phone is created

    Cell Phone is created
    "Pocket" cellular telephone is introduced by Motorola.
  • 100 million Telephone Subs.

    100 million Telephone Subs.
    The number of cellular telephone subscribers in the United States grows to 100 million, from 25,000 in 1984.
  • The iPhone is invented

    The iPhone is invented
    "[The iPhone] marked a revolution in the global smartphone market, thanks to the introduction of the first touchscreen interface."
  • Don't Text and Drive

    Don't Text and Drive
    As of 2011, national studies have concluded that over 1.6 million car accidents caused by cell phones and texting usage.
  • Telephone with Smell Receptors

    Do you ever get on apps such as Pinterest and stare at a batch of freshly made cookies? Or a platter of manacotti and just imagine the taste and aromas of this delicious food? Or when you need to buy some perfume/colonge for your significant other and you inconviently can not smell the perfume that you are interested in because it only exists in Europe aka the internet? Well now you can smell most scents that will be technologically programmed in all of the IPhone 132's. Your welcome.