The "Sun King" Life

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  • Birthday

    Louis XIV was born on this day to Louis XIII and Anne of Austria (Steingard
  • Deah of Galileo

    Deah of Galileo
    Galileo passed away this year. (
  • Period: to

    Becoming King.

    After his father died May 16th of 1643, it was time for Louis to become king. he stayed in rign until 1715, when he died of illness at Versailles. (Wrong 586, 588)
  • Ending of a War

    Ending of a War
    This year, the end of the 30 Years was ended. (
  • Period: to


    During these years, Louis started thinking of ideas to be being a king, and what he should do. (Grunefield)
  • Opportunities

    Moliere (shown at the left) was one of the writers who louis helped to make his plays go live. He aslo help artists, archelolgists, composers, etc. to make them stardom dreams come true. (Wrong 589)
  • Big changes

    Big changes
    Louis started reforming France, trying to make the country and it's government better. But the opposite actually happened... It brought more poverty and famine to the people of France. (
  • Invasion

    In this year Louis decided to invade Dutch due to his failure at destroying their economy. (
  • Period: to


    This is the timespan in which the Franco Dutch war lasted. Again, this war brought great famine and poverty to the poeple in france. When King Louis XIV died the following year, the people were very happy. (
  • Versailles

    As part of the reforming of France, King Louis XIV had a castle to be built. This palace known as Versailles. He moved his "seat of government" here, from Paris. (Wrong 589)
  • Detroit

    France established the American colony Detorit in 1701. (
  • Period: to

    Last Franco Dutch War

    The last war of the Franco Dutch wars was during this time period, which Louis and his people helped to prevent disaster from. They lost land overseas but this caused famine and poverty for the poeple of France. (Wrong 587)
  • Queen Anne

    Queen Anne
    Queen Anne ascends the throne. (
  • Money

    Paper money was made for the first time in 1707. (
  • Tea

    Tea was introduced to American colonies in 1714. (
  • Illness

    The follwing year of the last Franco Dutch war was the year Louis died. He dided from illness at the place of Versailles. This people were more than happy to be getting a new king. (Grunefield 65)