The Royal Pain named Marie Antoinette

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  • birth date of Marie

    birth date of Marie
    Marie Antoinette was born in Vienna Austria automatically born to be Archduchess of Austria. Her mother was Empress Maria Theresa and her father was Francis 1, Holy Roman Emperor. She was the first born of her family.
  • The start of The seven Year War

    The start of The seven Year War
    A Seven Year war starts between France and England, and Austria joins along side the French. They fight along side each other in battle and soon lead to a future alliance, which changes little Marie's life.
  • End of War and beginning of marriage

    End of War and beginning of marriage
    after the end of the war, France and Austria wanted to continue to be at peace with an alliance. Being said, they arranged Marie to marry Louis XVI
  • The dream wedding in Versailles

    The dream wedding in Versailles
    After five years of engagement, In the palace of Versailles, a palace built by her now husband Louis XVI. Luckily, he was a polite husband to her unlike some other Queens had *cough cough Henry VIII* But unfortunately he openly had mistresses around the house.
  • Coronation of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

    Coronation of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
    In the Cathedral of Reims, Louis XVI was crowned King, along side Marie. Little did they know that this was going to lead to total destruction of France and themselves...
  • The start of a line of heirs

    The start of a line of heirs
    Marie Antoinette had many heirs. Her first was Marie Theresa Charlotte. Then a son Louis Joseph in October, Louis Charles next year in march, a second daughter Sophie Beatrix, but she dies shortly after her first birthday.
  • Execution of the King

    Execution of the King
    Now fast forward after many parties and ballgowns and days of wasted money,the French people had enough. As we all know, the French started a revolution and the Reign of Terror. And on this day, Louis XVI was executed by the guillotine.
  • Trials and tribulations, Honey.

    Trials and tribulations, Honey.
    So skip a few months of living in an awful prison cell, (kind of how her people felt for years) she was brought to court. Get this, she was found guilty by NINE judges. Oml.. and then the story unfolds to an ending...
  • No cake for you..

    No cake for you..
    So, as you can see, she didn't live to eat more of her county's money up anymore boohoo. Welp on this date she was pronounced beheaded in front of all the hungry people she effected. This was the tragic ending of Marie Antoinette
  • sources and fun facts

    Marie Antoinette timeline
    Marie Antoinette's Head by Will Bashor Marie was so bored being left as her husband did King duties, she spent her time buying dresses and jewels to her hearts desires. She also planned parties just for fun to pass time. *One time she even decided to dress as a dairy maid just for fun.