The Preschool Years

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  • Growing

    Boys tend to weigh more than girls the older they get (within the ages of 2-6). This is the same case with height until both genders reach 6 years. By this time, the scale of height evens out. Image retrieved from:
  • Speech/Communication

    Over the years between ages 2 and 3 speech develops from small, two word phrases to endless questions that create conversation. Children's vocabulary is often grown by fast mapping-applying words into thier vocabulary soon after hearing the new word. Image retrieved from:
  • Fine Motor Skills

    Fine Motor Skills
    Fine motor skills require much practice and teach patterns. For developing skills, children may take years to perfect but they are quick learners. Image retrieved from:
  • Friendship Building

    Friendship Building
    In preschool, children have interactive play in many different ways. The less social play is parallel and onlooker play. In parallel play, a child use the same toys like other children but do not engage with others. In onlooker play, a child watches other children engage in play. The more social play is referred to as associative and cooperative play, children share and take turns. Image retrieved from:
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    Fine Motor 3 Years

    Child is able to cut paper, build a bridge with three blocks, draw O/+, pour liquid without spilling and piece together a puzzle.
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    Fine Motor 4 Years

    Child is able to fold paper in triangles, write their name, string beads, build a bridge with 5 blocks, and open/place clothes pins.
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    Fine Motor 5 Years

    Child is able to fold paper in halves/quarters, draw shapes, create clay objects, and copy letters or short words.