The Past, Present, and Future of the Camera

Timeline created by CC4Emma
  • May 22, 1500

    The Invention of the Camera

    The Invention of the Camera
    In the sixteenth century the first camera was said to be made by Leonardo Davinci. It was a box larger than a man, and was called the camerra obscura.
  • Period:
    May 22, 1500

    Past, Present and Future of the Camera

  • A New Camera

    In 1839 a new camera was invented. It made photos better and had faster development.
  • The First Kodak Camera

    The First Kodak Camera
    In 1888 the first Kodak camera was invented. It costed $25, and was loded with enough film for 100 photos.
  • The First Color Camera

    In 1907 the Lumiere brothers created and sold the first color camera.
  • The First Digital Camera

    The First Digital Camera
    The first digital camera was made by Kodak in 1975. It took 23 secounds to record a single photo. We still use the digital camera today, and it is very helpful and takes photos quickly.
  • Our Recent Update in 2013

    Our Recent Update in 2013
    Now people simply can use their cell phones to snap a quick photo whenever they want!
  • Future of the Camera

    The future camera will be voice activated, it will be invented in 2055. It will take a photo easily and can reconize your voice.
  • Future Prediction

    Future Prediction
    Imagine having a contact that can take photos! Press a button on a bracelet and it will take a photo or video form your point of veiw!
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