The one and only Ivan ELA project

Timeline created by Imvibin
  • Success

    After the protest, the conductor let the animals go to a big enclosure, basically like a zoo, but way bigger.
  • The protest

    A day after the reporter made the story, a big protest erupted in front of the circus to let the animals go.
  • Janitors daughter

    The janitors daughter realizes why Ivan Drew the painting, and then tells a reporter to make a story on it
  • Ivan's return

    Ivan's friends get met by the conductor, and the conductor leads them back to the circus after remembering some memories
  • Ivan's friends escape

    Ivan's friends escape from the circus, but don't know where to go, because they're in the city.
  • Ivan's reason

    Ivan Drew this big forest painting because he wants all the animals to be free.
  • Ivan's painting

    Ivan Drew a big forest, but it wasn't to show off..
  • Ivan's new leaf

    Ivan has to perform, and doesn't show up, but this is because he's drawing something... Big
  • Ivan starts to be friends with Ruby

    Because Stella died, Ivan tries to hang out with Ruby more.
  • Stella dies

    After, Bob, Ivan, and Ruby all wake up, they don't see Stella. Then they hear the conductor say that Stella's dead.
  • Conductor starts to abuse Ruby

    Ruby has to be trained for the circus, and the conductor abuses her.
  • Ivan gets introduced

    We meet Bob, Ivan, Ruby, and Stella. Then we find out that Stella isn't feeling that great