The life of Niels Bohr

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    Bohr Atomic Model
    In 1912, along side Ernest Rutherford at Victoria University in Manchester, Bohr contributed to the new idea of quantum physics. According to his published work in 'The Philosophical Magazine', based on an electrons quantum of action it can only occupy a particular orbit around the nucleus and when an electron juped to a lower orbit the result was electromagnetic radiation.
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    Bohr's early life

    Full name, Niels Henrick David Bohr, born on October 7, 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Niels was the middle of three kids in an upper-middle class family. In 1903 he attended the University of Copenhagen to study physics. He later, in 1911, earned his doctorate after presenting his dissertation on electron theory of metals. Summer 1912 was the year he married the woman who would later become his most trusted adviser, Margrethe Norlund.
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    The Institute of Theoretical Physics and the Noble Prize

    In 1916 Bohr took a job in a newly created professorship in theoretical physics at the University of Copenhagen. March 3, 1921 The Institute for Theoretical Physics opened where he presided as head of the institute till his passing in 1962. 1922 was the year he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on the structure of atoms. In 1925 Werner Heisenberg developed the revolutionary quantum mechanics, a year later became Bohr's assistant where he formulated the uncertainty principle.
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    The later years

    In the early 1930s Bohr built a cyclotron with the help of the Rockefeller Foundation. The cyclotron was a particle accelerator of sorts invented in the US by Ernest Lawrence. Bohr intended on using it to study nuclear physics.
    1943 after the Nazi occupation of Denmark, Bohr escaped to Sweden to spend the last two years of the war in England and America becoming associated with the Atomic Energy Project.
    These are examples of only a handful of his accomplishment.
    He died in November 18, 1962.