The Life of Fidelia Kentjana

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  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    More about Jakarta, Indonesia------I was born a hospital located in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia. I was an average healthy weighted baby. My parents were told I was a boy, but when i came out... Suprise! It's a girl! My room and everything i owned was blue, and thats my favorite color.
  • Pierced Ears

    Pierced Ears
    I got my ears pierced when I was just 2 months old. I dont remember getting my ears pierced, but im glad i got them when I was just a a little baby. My first earings were golden little hoops with 2 little golden tiny mini bells hanging off of them.
  • Moving to the United States

    Moving to the United States
    When I was Just 7 months old, I moved to the United States. It was my firts time on a plane! I dont remember anything about my birth place. When we moved to the United States, we moved in with my uncle. I was told that on the flight over, I wouldnt stop crying.
  • When I Learned How To Ride My Bike

    When I Learned How To Ride My Bike
    I learned how to ride my bike with my older sister. I remember riding in circles in my garadge with my training wheels, until she took them off and then i started learning. I got it after an hour or so.
  • Disneyland

    Disneyland-----My first time at Disneyland was amazing. I dont remeber much, but all i remember is the fireworks and how we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. I was too small to ride on any rollar coasters but i hope someday i can go back and ride every single one.
  • Starting Dance

    Starting Dance
    This is the day i started doing what i love. I love dance and i have been dancing since i was 7 years old. Ive been dancing all my life, and i really enjoy doing it.
  • Getting My First Phone

    Getting My First Phone
    [TMOBILE-----]( got my first phone when i was 9. It wasa motorola phone that you had to buy minute cards for. It was a crappy phone, but a phones a phone.
  • Moving

    We moved from the San Tan area to Gilbert, where i am currently living. Moving was tough, becuase i had to be the new kid once again.
  • The Day I got My Puppy

    The Day I got My Puppy
    I got my little puppy from my dads friend. She was so small i could carry her with one hand. Shes a tecup chihuahua and her name is Chika. I fell in love with her the minute i saw her <3
  • First Time Going to Universal Studios

    First Time Going to Universal Studios
    My grandma from my moms side came to the US and we took her to Universal Studios near my birthday. We went on all of the rides and had so much fun.
  • Martial Arts Competition

    Martial Arts Competition
    Wushu-----I got my first gold medal at this competition. It took place in the Tuscany hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. I won gold medals in both of my divisions (Broadsword and Longfist). I won 1st place out of 4 girls.
  • First Day of High School

    First Day of High School
    Mesquite High-----First day of high school is a huge deal! I attend Mesquite high school. On the first day, i was one of the lucky freshman who didnt get lost. The school was much bigger and crowded than i expected. Today was the first step towards my future.
  • First Touch Phone

    First Touch Phone
    I got my first touch screen phone a couple of days before my birthday. I immediately got an Instagram, Snapchat, re activated my Twitter, and fell inlove with my phone! Ive dropped it a couple of times though :/
  • Aeiral!

    I got my aerial today! An aerial is a no handed cartwheel. I was so excited when i landed it! I got it on video too!
  • First Time in Malibu

    First Time in Malibu
    Malibu-----OUr family went on vacation and went to Cali. We planned to go to the beach an decided to go to Malibu to have fun for the day. I became a mermaid for a short period of time lol.