The killer

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  • Jay Miller's birth

    Jay Miller's birth
    Jay Miller was born in Cambridge, where he would become one of the best lawyers in Boston.
  • child abuse

    child abuse
    His stepfather, Scott White, violently abused Jay and tied him up to cause large bruises on various parts of his body.
  • Adopted

    Jay Miller was adopted by a new family, due to the child abuse he suffered in previous years. So, he traveled to Boston to live with them.
  • University

    Jay began to become obsessed with so many types of murders, that he did not sleep just to continue reading about these cases, the intrigue of these homicides and the abuse he suffered as a child made him decide to study law, at Boston University that year.
  • Enigmatic Lapses

    Enigmatic Lapses
    In the second year of college, Jay didn't remember why he was in certain places, he thought they were drugging him, but the sad truth was that he was sick ... would it be Alzheimer's?
  • Graduation

    Jay MIller graduated with honors and was hired before finishing his studies at a prestigious law firm.
  • changes

    After almost two years, having been at the law firm, Jay decides to change branches and investigate murders with one of his university mentors in the city of Boston.
  • An unstoppable case

    An unstoppable case
    Jay after fourteen years of having solved very important cases, is intrigued by a case that has not been resolved for two months, so he is responsible for finding the culprit and begins looking for patterns to define the style of the murderer.
  • A sinister investigation.

    A sinister investigation.
    Of the year ´93 after several months of investigation, Jay realizes that the serial killer presented a psychotic disorder and the killer thinks he is the protagonist of an action movie, but not only is that, he also kills all The most wanted people of different nationalities for money, it is said to be to cure his mother.
  • the last patterns

    the last patterns
    After a month according to the latest record, Jay discovered that the killer recreated one of the most famous murder scenes like Charles Manson and also used one of Ted's techniques. This serial killer played with the lives of his victims and made the last minutes of each of his victims the most desperate thing that could happen to them.
  • Theft

    This is why Miller started the study of this man who shortly after was arrested and condemned to six months in prision for the crime of theft.
  • The judgment

    The judgment
    On the trial against the serial killer, Jay applied all his knowledge to condemn the man for the crime of deaths but it was impossible because this man had left no trace. Only he and the murderer knew who had committed the crimes. A serial killer was free, the city people feared for their lives and the police was disappointed
  • The last words

    The last words
    After several years, some policemen found a body, totally disfigured, at first they suspected a possible murderer for what the body was like and the state it was in, until they found in a letter that read: "The murderer and I are the same person, you are all blind "- Jay M, the killer of nationalities.
  • Period: to


    Since school, Jay suffered bullying until he was adopted.
  • Period: to

    During the university career

    During the university career, Jay was one of the best students, he was a kind and helpful guy, and the more he spent years at the university, the more cultured and refined he behaved.