The Journey Of A Writer: Margaret Atwood

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  • A Writer Is Born

    A Writer Is Born
    Margaret Atwood, one of the most renowned writers in the world, is born in Ottawa, a place in Ontario, Canada to Margaret Dorothy and Carl Edmund Atwood.
  • Atwood Decides To Be A Writer

    Atwood Decides To Be A Writer
    Born in Ontario Canada in the year 1939, baby Margaret spent most of her childhood in the vast wilderness of Northern Ontario forests. While her father moved from place to place as an entomologist, Margaret spent her time reading stories, novels, poems while often trying her hand at writing short stories. Since the age of nine, Margaret decided she would commit to a life of writing.
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    Her initial years of writing

    Atwood realized she wanted to write professionally when she was 16.[10] In 1957, she began studying at Victoria College in the University of Toronto, where she published poems and articles in Acta Victoriana, the college literary journal, and participated in the sophomore theatrical tradition of The Bob Comedy Revue.[11] Her professors included Jay Macpherson and Northrop Frye. She graduated in 1961 with a Bachelor of Arts in English (honors) and minors in philosophy and French.
  • The First Book Is Published

    The First Book Is Published
    Atwood's first book of poetry, Double Persephone, was published as a pamphlet by Hawskhead Press in 1961, winning the E.J. Pratt Medal.
  • The Edible Woman - Her First Novel

    The Edible Woman - Her First Novel
    Atwood's first novel, The Edible Woman, was published in 1969. As a social satire of North American consumerism, many critics have often cited the novel as an early example of the feminist concerns found in many of Atwood's works.
  • Handmaid's Tale Is Published

    Handmaid's Tale Is Published
    When “The Handmaid's Tale” was published, in 1985, some reviewers found Atwood's dystopia to be poetically rich but implausible. Three decades later, the book is most often described with reference to its timeliness.
  • Two-time Booker Prize Winner

    Two-time Booker Prize Winner
    Though Atwood has had numerous nominations, the world-famous author won the Booker Prize twice - one in 2000 for her acclaimed book The Blind Assassins. The other time in 2019 for the much-awaited sequel to Handmaid's Tale - The Testaments.