The History of the Internet and Social Media

Timeline created by Apaul87

    The first computer to computer link is established. Here is an article detailing more about it.
  • Email

    Ray Tomlinson developed the first email that worked with ARPANET
  • Ethernet

    Bob Metcalfe creates the first form of internet Ethernet
  • Apple

    Apple launched in 1976 and is now the main technology provider in the United States. This a cool short video of Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh.
  • Spam

    Spam was introduced through commercial email messages
  • Multiplayer Computer Games Introduced

    Multiplayer Computer Games Introduced
    Referred to as MultiUser Dungeon's, were text base games combined with fiction and online chat
  • AOL

    AOL replaced the Apple Link program in 1989 and still exists today. Here is a short article on the history of AOL.
  • First Website

    First Website
    The first ever web page was created
  • First Webcam

    First Webcam
    The sole purpose of the first webcam was to monitor a coffee maker so lab users knew when it was empty and full
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo made it easier for people to find information on the internet
  • Amazon joins the internet

    Amazon joins the internet
    Amazon is first created on the internet primarily as a bookstore.
  • eBay

    eBay changed the way people can buy and sell their items online at the time. Here is an interview with eBay founder.
  • Google

    Google was introduced in 1998 and has forever changed the way people get their information
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia paved the way for collective website content
  • MySpace

    MySpace is introduced and grows to become most popular social network at one time
  • iTunes

    iTunes released its first online music store which revolutionized online music
  • Facebook

    Facebook was introduced and took over MySpace for most popular website/social media
  • YouTube

    YouTube brought free online sharing and hosting to the world
  • Twitter

    Twitter was introduced but did not take off for a while, and is now a top social media app
  • Instagram

    Instagram is introduced to the internet as a place to post your pictures for people to see