The History of the Internet

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  • The Computer is Invented.

    The Computer is Invented.
    Konrad Zuse creates the Z1 computing device.
  • IBM Enters the World

    IBM Enters the World
    IBM creates it's first computing device. Marks its birth into the world of computers.
  • The First Computer Game

    The First Computer Game
    Steve Russell and MIT develop the world's first computer game.
  • First Computer Mouse

    First Computer Mouse
    Douglas Engelbart invents the world's first computer mouse. Nicknamed mouse because the tail came out of the back.
  • Floppy Disc

    Floppy Disc
    Alan Shugart &IBM create the "Floppy" Disk to store data.
  • Creation of the server/browser

    In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web server and browser.
  • Yahoo is incorporated

    Yahoo was officially incorporated in 1995.
  • Google

    Google was created in 1998 by students working to get their PhD's. Needless to say they didn't need their PhD.
  • Facebook

    Facebook was launched as a campus service in 2004 and then exploded globally soon after.
  • YouTube

    Youtube was created in 2005.