The History of Film

Timeline created by Wade Presley
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  • How it all started

    It started with a 25,000 dollar bet, did the horse have all four feet off the ground when running or not
  • How it all started

    Edison of eelcrtic light bulb and phonograph fame lked the fact that only one person at a time could see the images
  • The Lumiere Brothers

    Their invention was the cinematographe, it was a projector that could show motion pictures on a screen for an audience
  • Films

    Most were shot outsde and near the west coast, Didnt put actors names in film because if they became more famous then they would want more money
  • Vaudeville

    Small theaters that featured short dramatic skits, comedy routines, and song and dance numbers, started featuring short films, and expanded to nickolodeon
  • Nickelodeon

    Were small storefront-type theaters that featured films, along with one or two vaudeville acts
  • Thomas Edison, Edwin Porter

    Who in 1903, created the first U.S. narritive film, The Great Train Robbery, 14 scences and lasted 12 min.
  • Nickelodeon

    Nickelodeon theaters were attracting 26 million viewers each week, 5 years later that number doubled
  • The early days

    Thomas Edison owned several companies called the MPPC others tried to compete but failed
  • Famous people

    Mary Pickford (known as America's sweetheart) and Charlie Chaplin (the comic genius)
  • Charlie Chaplin

    The 20th century superdtar he was making 150 a week but went to make a mill. a year for his comics