The History of Apple

Timeline created by Kyliecreamer
  • First Apple Computor Created

    Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak were scientists looking towards the future of technology. They came together to begin wqork on a new computer that they later named the "Apple 1".
  • Apple II Realesed to Public

    Many people were not interested in the Apple I, so the creators developed a newer model.The apple II was the first personal computer to come in a plastic case and include color graphics, making it a truly revolutionary machine.
  • Apple III Realesed

    this product showed the growth of the company. It was now a developing franchise that was starting to sell in other countries and continents, making the Apple III the first international selling apple computor
  • Steve Jobs Becomes Chairman of Apple

    Jobs's partner Steven Wozinak is injured in a plane crash and cannot continue work. As a result, Jobs takes the role of chairman of the company.
  • Apple Lisa Realesed

    Apple Lisa was a diferent form of computor from the conventional text-style Apple computors. It featured an external harddricve, a mouse and a keyboard
  • Apple enters a deal with Bill Gates's Microsoft

    Bill Gates makes a deal with Apple to help save the company. The deal included micosoft office compatibility with the mac computors and a $150 million investment in Apple.
  • Jobs Bemomes CEO of apple

    Gil Amelio was ousted as CEO of Apple by the board of directors. Jobs stepped in as the interim CEO to begin a critical restructuring of the company's product line.
  • Apple Introduces Power Mac G4

    This realese symbolized the comeback period in the company. this revolutionized multiple new features such as wireless LAN technology
  • ITunes Available

    The origional product was known as SoundJam MP, developed in 1999 by Bill Kincaid. It was renamed Itunes when Apple purchased the company.
  • Apple Opens Retail Stores

    The new stores were located throughout the major U.S. computer buying markets. The stores were designed as a response to poor marketing of Apple products at other stores.
  • First Ipod Relaesed

    The iPod started as a 5 gigabyte player capable of storing around 1000 songs.
  • Apple stores open abroad

    The first non-american Apple stor is established in Tokyo Japan
  • Iphone created

    At the macworld expo in 2007, Jobs revealed what his company was working on secretly. the development was known as "Project Purple".
  • Iphone 3GS released

    This was thfirst product to use the IOS system that is still used by Apple today. it also revolutionized a new voice control system
  • Ipad Released

    The Ipad is the first tablet released by Apple. The device wasd basically a laptob witha touchscreen keyboard
  • Period: to

    Steve Jobs Temporarily Leaves Apple

    As chairman, Jobs did not have much power in the direction of the company. Because of aggravation, he left Apple. During this time, the company sufferd in their competion with rivals like the PC
  • Period: to

    Apple Continues to Develop Computors

    Each new computor created something new to change the world of computors. LCD displays and more storaged were common in the newer computors