The history American Independence

Timeline created by BriJPar30
  • The seven years war

    French and indian fought against the British army
  • End of the war

    The British army won and the treaty of Paris was signed
  • The British became the owner of USA

    All the ground between the Apalacchian mountains and the Mississippi river are in their possesion
  • The americans were forced to pay high taxes

    After the war, the British received a lot of debts, for that reason, they made taxes to the americans
  • Boston tea party

    The americans dropt all the British tea to the Boston Harbor
  • The American revolutionary war started

    Thanks to Paul Revere, the americans knew that the Bristish will attack them and prepared to it
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    The americans fought but lost, however they caused huge damage on the British army

    In Philadelphia, the congress signed the declaration of independence. USA was born
  • Trenton surprise attack

    Benjamin Franklin went with his troops to Trenton on night and when it dawned, they attack the British army
  • Battle of Yorktown

    The americans with the help of the French army, won this important battle and caused incurable injuries in the British
  • Peace signed

    John Day, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, bargain with the British around 3 days and finally they surrender