The Great 13 Dates of Texas

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  • March 19 - October 20

    March 19 – Battle of Coleto: General Urrea corners Colonel James Fannin near Goliad.
    March 20 – Fannin surrenders.
    March 21 – The Battle of Copano is fought.
    March 22 – King's troops are captured by the Mexicans.
    March 27 – Goliad Massacre: James Fannin and nearly 400 Texans are executed by order of Santa Anna. Houston and his army camp near San Felipe de Austin.
    April 21 – Battle of San Jacinto: Texan army under Sam Houston overwhelmingly defeats Mexican force under Santa Anna, securing Te
  • Period: to

    The Republic of Texas

  • republic of texas

    April - Houston becomes the sixth temporary capital of the republic.
    March 1 - The United States recognizes Texas's independence.
  • The Second President

    In 1838, Lamar and Houston went against each other for the title of president. In the end Lamar was elected the second president of the Republic of Texas. As president Lamar ordered the Texas Rangers to drive out all the Native Americans out of Texas.
  • events on July 12 - July 16

    events on July 12 - July 16
    Lone star flag was created .
    July 12 - The Cherokee under The Bowl accept President Lamar's proposal of compensated relocation to America's Arkansas Territory but refuse to begin preparations for departure.
    July 15 - The first day of the Battle of the Neches repulses a Cherokee attack against the Texian army under General Kelsey Douglass.
    July 16 - The second day of the Battle of the Neches ends in a rout of the Cherokee,
  • Dates from March 14 to August 12

    March 14: The Council House Fight occured and started a war with the Native Americans. June 1: Forces were gathered in San Patricio to organize the Republic of the Rio Grande expidition. August 6-8: Comanche raids sacked Victoria and Linnuille. August 12: The Battle of Plum Creek occured.
  • Texas Sante Fe Expedition

    The Sante Fe expedition was done to further gain control of the Santa Fe trail and develop the trade links with New Meico. Also in 1841 the Republic of Texas was on the verge of bankruptcy because of all the extra spending Lamar did.
  • Event through june - Decmember 29

    June - A division of the Mexican Army invades south Texas and is repulsed near Fort Lipantitlan.
    Mar - A division of the Mexican Army led by Ráfael Vásquez invades Texas and captures San Antonio and Goliad only to withdraw a few days later.
    Sep 11 - A division of the Mexican Army lead by General Woll invades Texas and captures San Antonio.
    Sep 18 - Col. Mathew Caldwell and Capt. Jack Hays companies attack General Woll´s army at the Battle of Salado Creek. [2]
    Sep 18 - 36 Texans are surrounde
  • March 17-25

    The only thing that happened was that the Mier expidition was executed for attempting to escape the Mexican authorities.
  • Events from September 16-Decembr 9

    September 16: All the Texas prisoners were released under the order of Santa Anna. December 9: Anson Jones became president of the Republic.
  • Events From Febuary 28-October 13

    Febuary 28: The Congress passes a bill that would authorize the United states to annex the Republic of Texas. March 1: United States president Jhon Tyle signed the authorization bill. October 13: A majority of voters approved a proposed Texas state constitution