The French Revolution and Napoleon

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  • The Growing Economic Crisis

    Economic Activity slowed,poor harvests hurt the economy,trade was limited,and entrepreneurs could not set up their own businesses.This led to people starving and living in poverty.
  • Bastille Day

    Revolutionists stormed the Bastille Fortress.They did this because they wanted to prove the power Revolutionists was building towards the Monarchy.
  • Women's March

    A rumor spreaded that the King had worn the white symbol of the Bourbons rather than the Revolutionary Tricolor sent from The Parsian Women.This caused a lot of angry women to march to Versaille and demand King Louis to move to Paris.
  • The Constitution of 1791

    The Constitution limited monarchy and set up a system of powers.Few people were satisfied,but Radical Revolutionists wanted a Republic rather than a monarchy.
  • The French at War

    The Radical Revolutionaries took over Paris Government and set up The Commune.This led to the Revolutionary Troops attacking the King's palace and killed many of his Guards.
  • Execution of King Louis XVI

    The day the King was beheaded.Many people were shocked because they were surprised that they over threw someone as powerful as the King.
  • Attacks on the Revolution

    Great Britain,Dutch,Netherlands,and Spain were fighting in a war against France.This war led to starvation and economic hardships in France itself.
  • The Revolution of 1848

    Francois Guizot cancelled a big banquet afraid it would lead to demonstrations and disorder.Many were upset and caused chaos in the streets.
  • The National Assembly

    The National Assembly abolished most of the Ancien Regime while writing a new Constitution,which meant it took a lot of privileges from Nobility and the Catholic Church.
  • The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen

    The new declaration laid of system of rights that applied to every person.The French did a poor job protecting these rights.