The Evolution of Media in the Philippines

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  • 1500


    Baybayin or Alibata (referred to in Unicode as the Tagalog content) is a pre-Hispanic Philippine composition framework that started from the Javanese content Old Kawi. The written work framework is an individual from the Brahmic family and is accepted to be being used as ahead of schedule as the fourteenth century. It kept on being used amid the Spanish colonization of the Philippines up until the late nineteenth Century. The term baybayin actually implies spelling.
  • The Print Industry and Filipino Freedom

    The Print Industry and Filipino Freedom
    Philippines was acquainted with books, magazines, and daily papers by the Spaniards. American colonialization left a blemish on the press and molded its style: a flourid lingua, a nonpartisan state of mind, matched with the commitment of obstinate and prevalent writers. At that point the Second World War and the Japanese occupation were a sudden cut: it cleared out the daily papers as setbacks, with most editors being constrained into jail or outcast.
  • Print Industry and Filipino Freedom

    Print Industry and Filipino Freedom
    Philippines was acquainted with books, magazines, and daily papers like "La Solidaridad" by the Spaniards who colonized the Philippines for around 333 years.
  • Broadcast Industry

    Broadcast Industry
    The first telephone system of the country began its operations, and the whole archipelago enjoyed this system of information and communication exchamge.
  • European Film Import

    European Film Import
    The cinematographe film camera and projector developed by the Lumiere siblings got through the Spanish fighter named Carlo Naquera. Naquera demonstrated a few Spanish-dialect movies to chose gatherings of people in 1987.
  • Broadcast Industry

    Broadcast Industry
    During this time, the Filipinos readily accepted radio news and entertainment programs, and local businessmen, who recognized its profitability, established their own radio stations to advertise their products and services. A couple of 50-watt radio stations were established in Pasay and in Manila by Henry Hermann.
  • Electronic Age

    Electronic Age
    Broadcast or storage media that exploits electronic innovation. They may incorporate TV, radio, Web, fax, Disc ROMs, DVD, and some other medium that requires power or computerized encoding of data. The term 'electronic media' is regularly utilized as a part of appearing differently in relation to print media.
  • European Film Import

    European Film Import
    ABS-CBN started their company.
  • Local Online Media

    Local Online Media
    Benjie Tan, who was working for ComNet, an organization that provided Cisco switches to the Philnet venture, set up Philippine's first association with the Web at a PLDT arrange focus in Makati City. Presently, he presented a short message on the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.filipino to ready Filipinos abroad that a connection had been made. As of Walk 29, 1994 at 1:15 am Philippine time, lamentably 2 days late because of slight specialized challenges, the Philippines is presently associated.
  • Local Media Online

    Local Media Online
    Philippines was names as the "Social Media Capital of the World".
  • Information and Digital Age

    Information and Digital Age
    During the Information Age, the digital industry creates a learning based society encompassed by a cutting edge worldwide economy that ranges over its impact on how the assembling all through and the administration part work in a productive and helpful way. Along these lines this development of innovation in day by day life and social association has prompted the way that the modernization of data and correspondence forms has turned into the main thrust of social advancement.
  • Period: to

    Industrial Age

    Individuals began to utilize machines and build up these to deliver more beneficial creations or materials and the introduction of the printing press to recreate books and different references might be for stimulation or data