Timeline created by addisonnorton
  • Memories

    Less than a month late after sitting on the summit of the Thumb, I was back at the same job I had quit. I got a raise and worked all summer.
  • I'm out of here

    I'm out of here
    A couple of weeks later I informed my boss that I was quitting my job. I gathered up my tools and climbed into my car. I was on my way to Alaska.
  • Arrival

    Five days later, I arrived in Alaska. There I met a woman named Kai. She offered me food and a bed to sleep in.
  • Another Plan

    Another Plan
    The next day after the blizzard cleared, I decided to once again climb up the north side of the mountain. Unsuccessful!!. Finally, I came up with a plan to try to climb the south face of the mountain.
  • The Plan

    The Plan
    I owned a book with photographs of Devils Thumb. As I looked at the photographs, I was fascinated. I can pull this off.
  • Queen Ann

    Queen Ann
    Because I had a minimal amount of money, i drove to Washington and then hitched a ride on the Ocean Queen, a seiner,
  • FEAR

    One day later i approached the most dangerous part yet. A snow storm broke. I fell into a crevasses of snow. It took the entire day to reach the place where a pilot was suppose to drop food to me.
  • The top of Devils Thumb

    The top of Devils Thumb
    On May 15th, I started to climb the south face of the mountain. I was anxious about another storm, but I trudged on. The last twenty feet was hard, scary, and onerous. Finally, I reached the top!! The summit was surreal. I took pictures to prove I'd been there. Then I stood up. carefully turned around, and headed home.

    For the next 3 days the weather was terrible. I had to stay in my tent due to frigid, cold weather, Necessary supplies were gone. I decided to smoke and set the tent on fire.
  • Brooding

    While brooding on a Colorado barstool, I got into my head to climb a mountain called Devils Thumb. I wanted to do it alone.
  • Valley of Ice

    Valley of Ice
    Two days later, I slogged steadily up the valley of ice toward the Devils Thumb The ice looked cold and mysterious. Everything was going well.
    Valley of Ice
  • Actual Climb

    Actual Climb
    The next day after the snowstorm cleared, I began the actual climb to Devils Thumb. I reached a point where the ice was so thin and I had no choice to go back down.
  • Theme & Audience

    Theme & Audience
    Theme- A personal philosophy ( man vs nature)
    Krakauer intends to make Chris McCandless's story a relatable human story of a person seeking happiness, healing, and meaning to life. They both had to fight with nature to survive.

    Audience- Anyone who reads the book.