The Development of Bridges

Timeline created by Cameron Snyders
  • 2,000 BCE

    Stone Age

    Stone Age
    People used slabs of stone as the first forms of bridges in order to cross over streams/rivers.
  • 1570

    Truss Bridge

    Truss Bridge
    The truss bridge was invented by an Italian architect
  • Stone Arch Bridge

    Stone Arch Bridge
    This was the most common type of bridge built from Roman Times up until the Industrial Revolution.
  • Suspension Bridge

    Suspension Bridge
    The first suspension bridge was built.
  • Cast-Iron Bridge

    Cast-Iron Bridge
    The first cast-iron bridge was built during the Industrial revolution.
  • Cantilever Bridge

    Cantilever Bridge
    The first Cantilever bridge was built
  • The Cable Stayed Bridge

    The Cable Stayed Bridge
    These are designed using CAD. This is an adaptation of the before mentioned suspension bridge.