the Civil War & Reconstruction

Timeline created by SabrinaDal
  • The South Secedes and creates a government

  • Lincoln was inaugurated

  • Fort Sumpter

  • Lincoln Takes action on the civil war

  • emancipation proclamation

    abolishing slavery
  • Gettysburg Address

  • Lincoln's re-elected

  • Confederacy falls apart

  • the 13th amendment

    To abolish (get rid of compleatly) of slavery for good!
  • End of civil war

  • South Surrenders at Appomattix Court house

  • president lincoln is assassinated

  • the KKK comes about

    hatred group
  • 14th ammendent

    all people born in the US are citizens Tells states thatthey must equally protect all citizens Give voting right s to Afercan american men
  • U.S. Grant is elected president

  • 15th ammendment

    giving African American men the right to vote by declaring that the right of citizen of the US to vote shall not be denied by the US or any state