The Big Bang Theory.

Timeline created by austincausby
  • matter and energy form 14 b.y.a.

    matter and energy form 14 b.y.a.
    14 b.y.a. all matter and energy formed together.
  • Galaxies evolve 13 b.y.a.

    Galaxies evolve  13 b.y.a.
    13 b.y.a. Galaxies evolve from matter and energy settling in
  • 10 b.y.a.

    10 b.y.a.
    The Milky way forms
  • 5 b.y.a.

    5 b.y.a.
    The sun forms from a nebula
  • Now 2012

     Now 2012
    The milky way and the sun are here along with the other planets. Scientists are still finding new planets.