The Beatles

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  • The Beatles Play Their First Gig

    The Beatles perform their first gig at the Cashbah Coffee Club in Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • First Big Song Hit

    The Beatles first song, "Love Me Do", hits 17 on the Britsh music charts.
  • First Recording

    The Beatles record their first song at EMI. Brian Epstein, owner of a record shop, is their manager. George Martin is the producer for their song session.
  • The Album Sells Millions

    "With the Beatles" sells millions of albums
  • Recording Album

    The Beatles complete their album, "Please Please Me." They finish the album in one day.
  • Tours

    The Beatles Travel the United States
  • Fourth Album

    "Beatles for Sale", their fourth album is released, which hits the top chart instantly.
  • Another Album

    The album "Revolver" gets released.
  • Award

    Queen Elizabeth II gives The Beatles the Members of British Empire Award.
  • The Final Tour

    The Beatles Begin their last British tour. They complete their very last tour ever on August 29, 1966 in San Francisco.
  • The Beatles Manager

    The Beatles Manger, Brian Epstein has died.
  • Recording of the Album "Abbey Road"

    This was the album where traffic was stopped so The Beatles could create their pedestrian crossing album cover. The album was released on September 6, 1969. This was the last time that all four members of the group were in the recording studio together.