The Advancements of Computers

Timeline created by lakeryan02
  • Napier's Rods

    Napier's Rods
    Made by John Napier, used to help people multiply by using rods
  • The Pascaline

    The Pascaline
    Created by Blaise Pascal, it was the first mechanical adding machine. Originaly made for his father, who was a French tax collecter
  • Leibniz Calculator

    Leibniz Calculator
    Created by Gottfried Leivniz, was superior to the pascaline, it could do more than add and subtract, it could also multiply and divide, and even find square roots.
  • Joseph Marie Jacuard

    Joseph Marie Jacuard
    Joseph created a way to make weaving machines weave a certain way by using cards with holes punched into them.
  • Difference Engine

    Difference Engine
    Created by Charles Babbage, who used steam engines and Joseph's idea of cards with holes punched into them to calculate numbers. Sadly never worked.
  • Analytic Engine

    Analytic Engine
    Also created by Charles Babbage, was run by a woman named Lady Ada Byron Lovelace who is thought to be the first computer programmar because she wrote language for the analytic engine. Sadly never worked.
  • Z1 computer

    Z1 computer
    First freely programmable computer
  • Colossus

    was massive, filled with 20,000 vacuum tubes and was used during WWII to decipher Hitler's coded messages
  • Johm Atanasoff & Clifford Berry

    Johm Atanasoff & Clifford Berry
    First in the computer biz, also known as the ABC computer
  • Hardvard Mark I computer

    Hardvard Mark I computer
    Hardvard Mark I computer
  • Manchester Baby Computer & Williams Tube

    Manchester Baby Computer & Williams Tube
    The computer was a "baby" and the williams tubes stored memory
  • UNIVAC Computer

    UNIVAC Computer
    First commercial computer, was able to pick presidential candidates
  • IBM 701 EDPM Computers

    IBM 701 EDPM Computers
    International Business Machines enters computer history
  • fortran computer Programming Language

    fortran computer Programming Language
    First successful high level programming language
  • The Intergrated Circuit

    The Intergrated Circuit
    The first computer chip made by Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce
  • Spacewar Computer Game

    Spacewar Computer Game
    First computer Game invented
  • ARPAnet

    The first internet used by the military
  • Intel 1103 Computer Memory

    The worlds first dynamic RAM chip
  • Intel 4004 Computer Microprocessor

    Intel 4004 Computer Microprocessor
    The first microprocesser made by intel
  • The "Floppy" Disk

    The "Floppy" Disk
    Nicknamed floppy for it's flexibility, made by IBM
  • The Ethernet Computer Networking

    The Ethernet Computer Networking
    Networking was created by Robert Metcalfe & Xerox
  • IBM 5100 Computers

    First consumer computer, made by Scelbi, Mark-8 Altair, and IBM
  • Shelbi Mark 8 IBM 5100 computers

  • Apple I, II & TRS-80 & Commordore Pet Computers

    Apple I, II & TRS-80 & Commordore Pet Computers
    A much cheeper product of computers than the IBM 5100 Computer
  • VisiCalc Spreadsheet Software

    VisiCalc Spreadsheet Software
  • Word star Software program

  • Ibm PC Home computer

    First home computer, afforadable for everyone
  • Ms-Dos Computer OP system

    Operating system, used fo PC
  • Apple Lisa computer

    Computer created by Apple, used for home use
  • Apple Macintosh

    Computer created by Apple, called the macintosh. Had the first mouse and Desktop screen with icons
  • Microsoft Windows

    windos OS for PC's
  • The Internet

    Hyperlink and WWW created