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In History
  • Origin

    The tradition began with the pilgrims, the founders of America. Pilgrims left Britain in 1620 to escape religious persecution.
  • Incident

    About a hundred men, women, and children left Britain on a small ship called the Mayflower. Their sea voyage was very difficult and some died
  • Fact

    They arrived in northeastern North America in December 1620 and founded Plymouth. The area was a desert, it was also almost winter and they had no home or food. They immediately built small wooden houses called "cabins". However, it was too late to cultivate
  • Trouble

    Things got worse, that winter was particularly harsh and cold. Almost half of the pilgrims died because their living conditions were very poor. Fortunately, they were not the only people who lived there.
  • Act

    When they arrived, the Native Americans had been living in this country for a long time, especially the tribe called "Wampanoags". Not knowing yet that these new white people would slaughter them later, they helped them survive through that long winter.
  • Teamwork

    In the spring, these Indians helped them, teaching them how to grow corn and other plants, how to raise animals, hunt, and live in the desert. Native Americans and pilgrims soon became friends during this time period. The pilgrims worked hard and the summer harvest was excellent.
  • Finally

    By November 1621, everyone had food and a home. Governor William Bradford, the pilgrim leader decided to celebrate with a dinner for pilgrims and Native Americans together.
  • Celebration

    They wanted to thank God. This was the first Thanksgiving dinner and lasted three days.
  • Event

    This is how Thanksgiving Day was founded, which is a special day for families to be together and to thank God for everything they have. People travel long distances to be with their families, making it one of the busiest weekends for rail or even plane transportation.
  • Festivity

    This is how Thanksgiving became a very important American holiday and is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Schools and many stores and offices are closed for four days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as it is a very important date for Americans.