Tecnhology and society

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  • Electricity

    At the end of the 19th century, engineers managed to take advantage of it for domestic and industrial use
  • Electric Motor

    Electric Motor
    Werner von Siemens not only contributed to the beginning of electric motors, but also introduced the concept of electrical engineering,
  • Electric Generator

    Electric Generator
    Before the connection between magnetism and electricity was discovered, electrostatic generators had already been invented.
  • Telephone

    Meucci built a device to connect his office (on the first floor of his house) with his bedroom (located on the second floor), because his wife was immobilized by rheumatism
  • Combustion engine

    Combustion engine
    Eugenio Barsanti Felice Matteucci, detailed operation and construction documents and patents pending in several European countries such as Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany.
  • Dynamite

    Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel in 1866 and patented in 1867. Its use in the exploitation of the oil fields of Baku (Azerbaijan) made its creator a great fortune, which is used in the awarding of the Nobel Prize.
  • Automobile, Benz

    Automobile, Benz
    is an automobile model built by Carl Benz in 1885, considered to be the first vehicle in history designed to be powered by an internal combustion engine
  • Diesel Engine

    Diesel Engine
    The diesel engine was invented in 1893 by the German engineer Rudolf Diesel, an employee of the MAN company, who at that time was already in the production of engines and heavy duty vehicles.
  • Assembly line Ford

    Assembly line Ford
    was a revolutionary process in the industrial production whose base is the assembly line a form of organization of the production that delegates to each worker a specific function and specialized in machines also more developed.
  • The television

    The television
    The first public television broadcasts were made by BBC One in England in 1927 and by TF1 in France in 1935
  • Radar

    In 1934, and thanks to a systematic study of the magnetron, tests are carried out on short wave detection systems following the principles of Nikola Tesla
  • Nuclear Reactor

    Nuclear Reactor
    A nuclear reactor is a device where a controlled nuclear chain reaction takes place
  • Laser

    the first laser was a ruby laser and it worked for the first time on May 16, 1960. It was built by Theodore Maiman
  • Email

    The first e-mail message genuinely sent through a network dates back to 1971. The message, which contained only the text "QWERTYUIOP"
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    the first mobile handheld device that was introduced by Motorola's John F. Mitchell23 and Martin Cooper in 1973, using a heavy 4.4 pound phone
  • Personal Computer

    Personal Computer
    desktop computers, which came on the market in 1977 and became commonplace during the 1980s