Technology Progression - Alex Barone-Jay

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  • Big Chunky Windows Desktop Computer

    I remember when I was little going on the computer as young as I can remember when my parents had one of those big desktop computers at the house that was pretty slow now thinking back, but I know at the time it was typical technology families had. I would play little desktop games, solitaire, and chess.
  • I received a Dreamcast system

    I received a Dreamcast system
    I remember I used to play Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Dreamcast, along with a shooter type game that me and my father bonded playing sometimes.
    This is also the year the console was released in North America.
  • My first flip phone

    My first flip phone
    I first got a cell phone. It was a silver tiny flip phone that I used after my grandma decided she wasn't able nor wanted to use it. The buttons were to tiny for her fingers, so she let me use it and eventually have. :)
    She had a hard time because the buttons were too tiny, she would click different numbers and buttons and it would become too frustrating.
  • Using a portable laptop for the first time :)

    I remember before laptops became typical to own, having a portable DVD player made driving for hours more bearable, or even on flights. I used to play ice hockey and had to travel a lot, on plane and by driving, and we all used to share between a few of the portables.
  • Getting my first Xbox 360

    Getting my first Xbox 360
    I have always been a gamer chick, so a lot of what I love to do with technology has to do with gaming and computers.
    2005 is the year it was released, by Microsoft Corp.
  • My first DECENT cell phone (the "CHOCOLATE") by Verizon

    My first DECENT cell phone (the "CHOCOLATE") by Verizon
    Well, like I said in the previous event, my first cell phone actually was meant to be my grandmother's. She ended up realizing that she just wasn't using it so she handed that pretty basic cell phone over to me. At the time, I remember I thought I looked so cool pulling out a phone and texting. :D
    Anyways, this is when I got a cell phone around four years later, it was a slide, kind of fancy phone (for that time at least it was!)
    It came out in 2006.
  • Apple Ipad first came out

    Apple Ipad first came out
    I didn't have my own Ipad at the time, but my parents did and I was able to use it when they weren't. Reminds me of a portable mini laptop, except of course it doesn't have a keyboard.
  • My first smart phone

    My first smart phone
    I remember one of my first smart phones being a Samsung Galaxy S2. I remember thinking how fast it was, and thinking back to when I used to imagine how much technology would progress in the future, and how smart phones made me believe we were starting to make some real progress tech wise. There's a smart device for basically ANYTHING these days,.
  • Current cell phone: IPhone 11

    Current cell phone: IPhone 11
    Release date/year: September, 2019 by Apple, Inc
    Looking back, I'm definitely relieved to see a smart phone in my hand, versus a big block chunk of a phone in my hand instead. It is easy to slip in your pocket, access easily and efficiently. Obviously being able to use thousands of apps, and basically doing anything you want at anytime is definitely a huge improvement.
  • Gaming/Windows 10 Laptop - ASUS ROG STRIX laptop

    Gaming/Windows 10 Laptop - ASUS ROG STRIX laptop
    This is the best laptop, quality wise, that I have ever own. Back in the past I didn't always handle my cell phones and other electronics with the care I should have. Now that I'm more mature, and know I won't wreck this laptop, I bought it for this degree, which has to do with video games.
    Actual release year: 2017 (approximate, hard to find that specific models release date)
    Company: Asus