Technology over the years

Timeline created by sydoliver
  • Holes in cards

    Holes in cards
    The first card was basically a punch card that was produced by IBM the card is also called IBM card it measure 7-3/8 inches by 3-1/4 inches made from a smooth stock paper. The cards were used to hold programs and to input them into the computer. They were first used in the early 19th century used to program cloth machinery and looms. The first punch card had 22 columns and eight positions then as it was improved it got to have 45 columns and 12 punch positions. Throughout the centuries however i
  • Analytical machine

    Analytical machine
    Was basically the first calculator on the computer. It was created in 1837, without the invention of this modern day computers would not exist.
  • Enaic

    , This abbreviation stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer it was introduced in 1946. Inventors promoted this product by going and speaking at certain events to tell people about this new technology.

    The first design of this machine came out in 1952; the machine was designed by Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. The first commercial customer was Prudential Insurance Company; the machine was too big for personal use. Companies wanted this new machine to do payrolls for their employees it was a beneficial machine because it could compute 90,000 transactions per month.
  • PC

    The first PC was distributed in 1947 although not completely easily transported. The first advertising was created in a magazine and sold for under 400 dollars also you had to assemble and program your computer when you finally got it. The demand was crazy for it everyone wanted one because it was so easy to use and put together at the time when it was distributed among the common people.
  • High level Programming language

    High level Programming language
    This type of programming makes things easier for programmers to put information into computers and make it come to life. However the programs still need to be converted into computer language for the programs to work correctly. Some advantages of having this type of programs is the storage is easier to take around and the visual aspects are also easier to use. When there is a problem with this then it is extremely easy to fix if the person knows what they are doing.
  • Von Neumann Architecture

    Von Neumann Architecture
    , This product was introduced by a man named John von Neumann around 1952, he was a genius even from birth at the age of six he could divide up to eight numbers in his head. John developed a system for saving a program each thing saved to it has an address of where it’s saved and where it can go. He said that everything had to be put into the memory of the computer.
  • UNIX operating system

    UNIX operating system
    This system was created in the early 1970s by AT&T bell technologies. The system helped create programs today without the invention of this program the programs today would not exist because this is the foundation for creating all modern programs.
  • Apple

    The first Apple computer was first designed by Steve Jobs and Stephen Woznaik in 1976. They started making these computers from microprocessors in their parents garage, their first customer ordered 50 of the Apple I computers. The computers were just the basics no actual programs in them, people who bought them had to put in their own information and then use the computers.
  • First electronic Spreadsheet

    First electronic Spreadsheet
    , in 1978 a man named Daniel Bricklin came up with the idea of having a virtual spread sheet. The spread sheet shows all the profits for a company all the losses and keeps track of all money in and out of a company. It helps with organization for everything this is an essential part of keeping businesses together.
  • Macintosh

    This technology was invented in 1983 and the makers paid 1.5 million dollars for a commercial advertisement it only ran once. However that’s all it needed TV show hosts constantly played the commercial and more and more people saw it. The makers paid again for the commercial to play during the commercial and that’s when the technology really took off everyone wanted the new computer.
  • Windows

    The history of Windows is simple it the company Microsoft was created by two men who has a vision of having a computer in every household within five years. The men first had to create a program called chess they started working on the project and were successful. The first version of Windows 1 to come out was used in 1982-1985; this was an easy sell because the windows made it easy to see everything and for inputting data into the computer. Throughout the years the men and the company have been
  • CRAY-1

    This is a supercomputer made for large business that needs a lot of storage for memory and ability to keep information. The first one was sold and assembled in Los Angeles in 1988.
  • Altair

    The software was created in 1993 and it is now used as creating web pages for businesses and spreading their information to everyone who looks at it. Businesses can input information to the site and then have an engineer modify and make the site better.