Technology of the 70's

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  • First Automated Teller

    First Automated Teller
    The first ATM made its debut at Chemical Bank in Rockville Center, New York. Created by John Shepherd-Barron. This has enhanced our lives by allowing for increased speed, and after hours usage.
  • Pascal Software

    Pascal Software
    The Pascal programming language is named after Blaise Pascal is introduced by Professor Niklaus Wirth. The purpose of this software was to develop a programming language that could be taught to college students. Along with uses among those involved in commercial and scientific applications. Resulting in future advancements in code and foundations to other software such as ALGOL 60.
  • System 370 Model 145 Mainframe Computer

    System 370 Model 145 Mainframe Computer
    IBM created the System 370 Model 145 Mainframe Computer. Model 145 had the capacity to store an equal amount of data space, compared to a computer using its core memory. Which helped to change the view of how to store and retrieve data in a modern format.
  • Intel 4004 Microprocessor

    Intel 4004 Microprocessor
    This invention was the first 4-bit central processing unit (CPU) published by Intel Corporation, and created by Federico Faggin. This starting invention helped pave the way to other CPU's.
  • Cellphone

    The first cellphone was used to make a phone call. The creator Martin Cooper used the first prototype called DynaTAC to make the call. This handheld device didn't achieve as much popularity in the 70's but made a comeback in 1983 for a price of $4,000. This invention has made many adaptions from its original style and price. It has made the world what is today by access of information at the touch of our fingers.
  • Apple Computer Company

    Apple Computer Company
    Apple Computer Company was founded by Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In 1977 they released the creation of the Apple II computer. This company was the first to reach stardom with becoming the first successful mass produced technology. Currently holds importance on a global scale in terms of being a consumer driven resource.