Technology-My Most Memorable Acquisitions

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  • My First Online Gaming System: "The Playstation 3"

    My First Online Gaming System: "The Playstation 3"
    I had previously owned both Playstation I and II. When the Playstation III came out it was considered a major player in the gaming industry because it was like a computer. You could access the internet, play games online againts other users, and store movies and music on it because it had a high capacity hard drive. The Playstation III also double as a DVD player all for less than $300.
  • My First Cell Phone

    My First Cell Phone
    Everyone else seemed to have a cell phone except me at the time. The plans they offered were excessive and you had to make every minute and message count. Now we don't even think of long-distance anymore, and who cares about how many minutes they use or messaging. A cell phone is as much a part of your daily wardrobe as a watch or belt. The little things we use to worry about doesn't even matter now. It's kind of like buying gas for your car. Why look at the price?
  • My First Computer

    My First Computer
    I'm trying to figure out or remember what I did before I owned a computer or cell phone. I was late getting into computers for some reason. I remember a teacher telling me of how instant messaging worked. He explained to me and my classmates how his daughter chatted with her cousin half of the way across the country every night. Me and the guy next to me look at each other and said he was lying, and that computers couldn't do all that.
  • DVD Player

    DVD Player
    I think the DVD player was the first real heavy technological transition device in the last 20 years. That's because everyone was watvhing VHS tapes, and they were on their way out with the arrival of the DVD. Unlike other devics you could still resort to land line phone, or use 35mm. But, with DVD players VHS tapes were demised quickly.
  • My Beloved MP3 Player

    My Beloved MP3 Player
    I saw a guy carrying an MP3 player, and he gave me the whole run down of how it worked. CDs were still good with me, but since I liked music I went ahead and purchased one and uploaded my songs on there. This was the biggest game changer for me being so into my music. After that I slowly transitioned away from CDs to digital music. Now music is virtually free thanks to Youtube ect and really only used digitally by most consumers.
  • My First High Definition TV

    My First High Definition TV
    I didn't understand what all the fuss was about regarding high definition TVs because I had never seen one before. Inner city Cleveland, Ohio cable TV isn't available as we know it. Everyone was talking about flat screen and high definition TVs. The thing was that nobody really understood that you needed high definition channels in order to see high definition pictures. I wanted one because everyone else had one, but really was able to use the technology as it was intended.
  • My First Digital Camera.

    My First Digital Camera.
    I guess I really just wasn't into gadgets at the time. I finally purchased a digital camera. Only thing was that the range wasn't as great as my 35mm. It did not come with optics ect, and overall I wasn't satisfied with my purchase. Something about have hard copies of photos is more memorable, it's something you can site down and comb over with another person. Time forces you to change though and now it's all i use.
  • The Arrival of The Home Theater System

    The Arrival of The Home Theater System
    DVD players were a hot commodity for a long time. The home theater systems have just about made them all but obsolete. Even prior to the HTS, game consoles offered a two in one deal: you could now watch movies on the gaming system. The HTS is such a better deal and offers a more dynamic experience than a DVD player does with its sound effects capabilities.
  • The Deal Breaker: The Smart Phone

    The Deal Breaker:  The Smart Phone
    What a game changer. Who buys MPS player anymore? Who sends a lot of email? The Smart Phone is one of the greatest invention ever. What can't you do with your phone now and days. It's amazing!
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