Technology Inventions

Timeline created by Madison LaPlante
  • ipod

    The ipod is a tiny music mp3 player that is easy and portable.
  • Tablet

    first touch screen or pen controlled portable game/work system.
  • Facebook

    Way social network that helps you connect or reconnect with others.
  • Nintendo DS

    Portable gaming system with a touch screen.
  • xbox360

    Gaming system with remote and counceler.
  • macbook

    Portable imac laptop. Contains same type of date- thinner and able to be taken anywhere. portable macintosh computer
  • Wii

    Motion controlled gaming system. Remote is motion and controlled system.
  • ps3

    Another remote and concousler controlled system.
  • ipod touch

    Touch screen small gaming system / mp3 player. High tech and convient.
  • ipad

    combination between the ipod touch and macbook. big tablet type machine used for gaming, reading, listeing to music, and much more. More advanced than the ipod touch, and more convienient than the macbook.