Technological Advances, 1750-1900

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  • The Lightining Rod

    The Lightining Rod
    Invented by benjermine Frankline this was the first way humans could harness the power of electricity and it greatly reduced the risk of home fires because of lightning strike.
  • Invention of the 1st Mechanical Sewing Machine

    Invention of the 1st Mechanical Sewing Machine
    This started the mechanization of textile factories. Invented by Charles Weisenthal, it laid the grounds for other, more completed and efficient sewing machines in the future.
  • Invention of the Dictionary

    Invention of the Dictionary
    Samuel Johnson published the first English dictionary
  • Steam Engine Improved

    Steam Engine Improved
    James Watt improves the Steam Engine. He discovered that 3/4 of the heat of the steam was invented, and created another chamber for the steam to cool in. He greatly improved the efficiency of the previous steam engines.
  • Flush Toilet

    Flush Toilet
    Invented by Alexander Cummings this marvilous invention provided a more sanitary way to dispose of waste and began the model of the western toilet
  • The Power Loom

    The Power Loom
    It was a steem powered loom to take the place and speed up the textile industry invented by Edmund Cartwright. This shifted textile industry from the homes to the factories.
  • Invention of the Steamboat

    Invention of the Steamboat
    The steamboat was inveted by John Fitch (first successful run on the Delaware River on 8/22/87). It revolutionized sea travel
  • Guillotine

    Used to behead people during the French Revolution.
  • Invention of the Ambulance

    Invention of the Ambulance
    Baron Dominiquie Larrey, the Surgeon-in-chief of the French Grand Army, made the first army medical corp. This eventually led to the creation of the motorized ambulance that is still in use today.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney's cotton gin changed the way cotton was processed. By using this machine, the cotton industry because extremely efficient.
  • Jar for Food

    Jar for Food
    This was invented by Francois Appert, because of this seemingly unimportant invention the ability to perserve and keep foods for an extended period of time was inhanced.m instead of food spoiling only after a couple of days or weeks you could keep these through the winter when very little grows.
  • The Smallpox Vaccination

    The Smallpox Vaccination
    Francois Appert invented the smallpox vaccination this has made the ability for people to like longer and safer. Today the smallpox is vertually nonexsistant because most everyone today is immune to it becdause of this vaccination.
  • Invention of the Battery

    Invention of the Battery
    The first battery, called the Voltaic Pile, was created by Alessandro Volta, an Italian scientist. He discovered the first practical method of creating electricity,
  • The Photograph

    The Photograph
    Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was the first person to take a photograph, it took 8 hours for the photo to be taken. From this we have now moved to the motion picture and photos are now a more popular art form than painting.
  • Modern Matches

    Modern Matches
    These were invented by John Walker and he added a coating that makes the matches more easily ignited so much easier to start a fire. now you can start a fire pretty much anywhere because of this man.
  • Invention of the Telegraph

    Invention of the Telegraph
    The telegraph, invented by Samuel Morse, led to an age of quick communication. Before the invention of the telegraph, people had to wait months to receive news from other countries, and it tooks weeks to send messages across the United States.
  • Invention of the Elevator

    Invention of the Elevator
    Elisha Grave Otis invented the first safe elevator system, including breaks. When the first elevator was installed in 1853, he basically started the entire elevator industry.
  • Invention of the Machine Gun

    Invention of the Machine Gun
    The first machine gun was invented by Richard Gatling. It revolutionized fighting and began the practice of trench warfare.
  • Typewriter

    Invented by Christopher Shole who was a mechanical engineer from Pensilvenna. This was the precurosor to the modern day computer and made writting essays and other papers much, much easier.
  • Invention of Barbed Wire

    Invention of Barbed Wire
    The barbed wire was invented by Joseph Farwell Glidden, in response to the need for a cheaper fencing material on the American frontier. Wooden railings and stone were scarer and more expensive; people needed a cheaper way to protect their lands and livestock.
  • Invention of the Telephone

    Invention of the Telephone
    Invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the telephone replaced the multiple telegraph. It allowed instant voice communication across the world.