Tech Timeline

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  • 1800

  • Holes in Cards

    Holes in cards, around 1810 a man named Jacquard Loom used punched cards to control what patter his loom made in a fabric. Then in the 1890s they used punched cards for a New York City census.
  • c. The analytical machine

    Made to read punch cards and print cards with numbers on them. Made in 1837 ran on a stem engine.

    Made for the military in 1942. Made to calculate artillery firing tablets. It was a thousand times faster than any calculator of its time.
  • e. Von Neumann architecture

    In 1945 he published a paper with is ideas in how a computer should function. It went, input to the control unit then to memory and the central arithmetical unit and then back to output.

    The fist delivery of the UNIVAC was on March, 31st, 1950. It was close to one million dollars forty-six were made for the government and business use.
  • High-level programming language

    FORTRAN was the first high level programming language made by John Backus in 1954 for IBM. It is used for programming scientific and mathematic equations.
  • UNIX

    In 1969 the start with Dennis Ritchie and ken Thompson. In 1971 the first edition was published.
  • CRAY-1

    Fist super computer ever installed in Alamos National Library in 1972 for 8.8 million dollars.
  • Atari

    In 1972 the Atari was released. Pong was the post popular game.
  • PC

    The MITS Altair was the first 8080 microcomputer. January of 1975 it was issued a popular electronic mag.
  • Windows

    In 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed a partnership called windows. Windows 8 is the 12th windows product.
  • Apple

    April 1st, 1976 the first apple computer was released, the apple 1. Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the company.
  • First Electronic Spreadsheet

    The firs electronic spreadsheet wan made by Daniel Bricklin, a student at Havard in 1978.
  • Macantoosh

    Macintosh started hiring in September of 1979. There first computer was made in 1980.
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