Official Team filtrate project Timeline

Timeline created by iFiltrate
  • Start of Filtrate

    Start of Filtrate
    The day we won $1000
  • Period: to

    Researching period

    Research for Folio, on existing filters, materials, designs, etc Deadline Week 3, Friday
  • First evaluation meeting

    First evaluation meeting
    Week 2 Wednesday
  • Period: to

    Research on manufacturing contacts

    Deadline for finishing manufacturing contacts, Tuesday Week 3
  • Video Outline Deadline

    Video Outline Deadline
    Finish and answer the Video Outline provided, as well as finish the planning for the video, work out what to film, etc
  • Period: to

    Videography, filming the development plan and project

    Finish filming all video development, start Monday Week 3, end Monday Week 6.
  • 2nd Team meeting

    2nd Team meeting
    Week 3, Wednesday
  • Period: to

    Product design 2D

    Design the product from the research so far on paper, deadline Friday Week 3
  • Period: to

    Prototype testing

    Test out design of filter using plastic bottles, Week 4 Saturday to Tuesday.
  • 3rd, Project evaluation

    3rd, Project evaluation
    Week 4, Wednesday
  • 2nd meeting with Coach

    2nd meeting with Coach
    Week 4, Thursday, Period 5-6 - ready questions about project. Do we need a pitch speech, do we need a slideshow presentation? etc
  • Website deadline

    Website deadline
    Finish the website after the research on the filter has been completed at Week 3, Friday, deadline is week 5, Tuesday.
  • 4th, group meeting

    4th, group meeting
    Week 5, Wednesday
  • 5th, team meeting

    5th, team meeting
    Week 6, wednesday
  • Progress Report Deadline

    Progress Report Deadline
    Fill out the Progress report, week 6 Wednesday
  • Final meeting with coaches

    Final meeting with coaches
    Week 6, Thursday, Period 5-6 - last meeting before pitch/ project deadline
  • Week 6, project deadline

    Week 6, project deadline
    Deadline to finish up the project, Friday Week 6
  • Finish editing Video development

    Finish editing Video development
    Week 6, Friday deadline, finish editing video after finished filming from Monday