Taming Of The Shrew

Timeline created by liamjohns
  • Lucentio, Tranio, and Biodello arrive in Padua

  • Lucentio sees Bianca and instantly falls in love.

  • Baptista states Bianca won't be married until Kate is married.

  • Petruchio tells Baptista Kate agreed to marry him.

  • Petruchio goes to see Kate. He tells Kate she will marry him.

  • Petruchio agrees to marry Kate

  • Lucentio proposes a huge sum of money to marry Bianca

  • Lucentio wins Bianca's heart by wooing her

  • Petruchio doesn't let Kate eat the "inferior" food or sleep in a poorly made bed

  • Petruchio forces kate to go to his house

  • Kate and Petruchio gonto Padua to visit Baptista

  • On the way Kate agrees to anything Petruchio says.

  • At the banquet Kate seems "tamed"

  • Husbands call for their wives and they dont come.

  • Petruchio calls for Kate and she comes and gives a speech saying that a wife should be loyal to her husband