Syria's important dates

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  • Syria Independence

    Syria Independence
    In 1946 Syria gained independence. It was a proud day, because we had been trying to gain indpendence since 1941. Even though they gave us independence, they did not give us full independence. It was not until 1946 that we got full and complete independence. We gained our independence from France.
  • Syrian and Egyptian War

    Syrian and Egyptian War
    Syria was tired of Israel, and still wanted their land, so we decided to got to war agian. This time though, we did not go alone, we went with Egypt. It was another Arab war. The war ended after cease-fires, which ended the fight.
  • Syria tried to stop the civil war

    Syria tried to stop the civil war
    In 1976 Syria decided to send troops into Lebanon in effort to stop the civil war there. Syria was tired of fighting, and they sent their troops even though they did not have the strongest army then.
  • Golan Heights

    Golan Heights
    In 1981, Israel claimed legal and political authority in the Golan Heights. Syria and many other nations that were from Palestine denounced this decision, because they did not agree, { that is what denounced means}. Because Israel and Palestine do not get along.
  • Syria helped end an occupation

    Syria helped end an occupation
    In 1991 Syria troops helped end the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. As you have been noticing, Syria would help whoever was on their side if it was possible, to go against whoever they were against.
  • Hafez Al Assad death

    Hafez Al Assad death
    In 2000 was the day that Hafez Al Assad died. { He was the current dicator of Syira, before his death.} Even though Syria did lose their dictator, and some may have thought it was over, but it was not. Hafez Al Assad son, took his place. His son was Bashar Al Assad, and he took his fathers place, and as if today is Syria's dictator.
  • Syria Troops Withdrawl

    Syria Troops Withdrawl
    After the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, the police or troops suspected it was Syria. Lebanese deminstrations withdralawed Syrian troops from that country.
  • Israel bombs Syria

    Israel bombs Syria
    Israel bombed a site in Syria. The site according to Syria was said to be nuclear facility under construction, and which North Korea was helping to build. Syria was so mad, and aggrivated with Israel, but did not attack them back because the last two times they had fought in a war agianst them they lost. { Even when other troops were helping them. }
  • Syria and Israel

    Syria and Israel
    In 2008 was the proud day that Syria and Israel established diplomatic relations. This was a proud day because it was the first time that both of them had agreed since Syria gained independence from France.
  • Protest

    This year was when the real problem began. Syria was tired of their dictator Bashar Al Assad was getting on all the Syrians nerves because he was very unfair. So the Syrians started to protest against the Al-Assad regime, which lead to the violence that is going on today, and the violence that was going on at that time.
  • Period: to

    War with Israel

    Syria and other Arab troops, went to war with Israel. Because we did not, adn still do not believe there should be an Israel. We believe that Israel should be Palestine, and not Israel. Unfortunatley Israel defeated us Syria, Egypt, and Jordan, with a breif war. After that war Israel took over Syrian's Golen Heights.