Syrian Genocide Timeline

Timeline created by monkey3
  • The Start

    The Start
    Teenagers painted rebel slogans on a school. They were later killed. Other riots broke out all over the country against the President's rule.
  • The Fighting

    The Fighting
    The fighting is all over the country.
  • Failed Peace

    Failed Peace
    Negotiations have failed and the fighting in Syria will not end anytime soon.
  • Illegal Chemicals

    Illegal Chemicals
    Chemical weapons and airstrikes have been used by both sides. The use of chemical warfare has been deemed illegal by international law.
  • No Medical Help

    No Medical Help
    By the end of the year, most of the hospitals and health-care buildings in Syria were out of commission.
  • Now

    The UN is calling for $4.4 billion to help aid 5 million refugees in Syria's neighboring countries.