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  • noble order of the knights labor formed

    noble order of the knights labor formed
    Organized by philadelphia garment workers in 1869. Opened to farmers, merchants, and wage earners. They had equal pay for equal work. Abolition of child labor, they worked for 8 hours a day.
  • american federation of labor

    american federation of labor
    Organized in 1886. It focused on better working conditions, better pay. union labels were produced on items. they were also craft oriented.
  • haymarket square riot

    haymarket square riot
    workers in Chicago march for an 8 hour day protest McComick harvesting machine. police come to break up strike. Anarchists (anti-govt) blamed for violence. 8 policemen die, 100's injured. public saw unions and anarchists as a problem.
  • how the other half lives

    how the other half lives
    unaware of dangerous conditions in the slums among the poor immigrants. Riis was a police reporter who had himself known poverty. it describes the system of tenement housing that had failed, as he claims, due to greed and neglect from wealthier people.
  • the homestead strike

    the homestead strike
    and industrial lockout and strike that began on june 30, 1892 culminating in a battle between strikers and private security agents on july 6, 1892. it was one of the most seroius disputes in U.S. labor history. the dispute occurred at the Homestead steel works in pittsburgh area of Homestead, Pennsylvania, between the amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers (the AA) and the carnegie steel company.
  • the pullman strike

    the pullman strike
    comapny built town of Pullman so workers could rent homes from owner, George M. Pullman. The rents were high and in 1893 wages slashed due to the panic of 1893 but Pullman refused to lower rents. union leaders (Eugene V. Debs) were arrested and imprisoned, the strike collapsed.
  • labor day holiday created

    labor day holiday created
    it was called the workers holiday. workers that work 8 hour days would have off on labor day. it was also called a public holiday.
  • the coal strike

    the coal strike
    strike by the united mine workers of america in the anthacite coal fields of eastern pennsylvania. the strike threatened to shut down the winter fuel supply to all major cities. President Theodore Roosevelt became involved and set up a fact finding commission that suspended the strike.
  • the bitter cry of children

    the bitter cry of children
    published by a guy named john spargo. it exposes the horrific working conditions of child labor.
  • pure food and drug act passed

    pure food and drug act passed
    united states federal law that provided federal inspection of meat productions and forbade the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated food products and poisonous patent medicines.
  • The Jungle written

    The Jungle written
    written to portray the life of an immigrant in america. the book portrays alot about poverty.
  • triangle shirt factory fire

    triangle shirt factory fire
    the deadliest industrial disaster in the history of the city of new york and resulted in the fourth highest loss of lifefrom an industrial accident in U.S. history.
  • the steel strike

    the steel strike
    strike by the united steel workers of america against U.S. steel and nine other steelamkers. the steel companies sued to regain control of their facilities.
  • the national labor relations act

    the national labor relations act
    it was dominating or interfering with the formation or administration of any labor organization. they were refusing to bargain collectively with the representative of the employers employee.
  • GM sit-down strike

    GM sit-down strike
    the action against GM brought the tactic of sitdown strikes and their effectiveness to the attention of the general public. a sit down strike involves workers remaining in the workplace while of strike to prevent normal business operations form being conducted.
  • congress of industrial organization formed

    congress of industrial organization formed
    it was born out of a fundamental dispute within the US. They focused on hiring of skilled workers, such as carpenters, lithiographers, and railroad engineers.
  • fair labor standards

    fair labor standards
    it was known as the portal to portal act. it specified exactlywhat type of time was considered compensable work time.
  • baseball strike

    baseball strike
    the 1972 baseball strike was the first players' strike in major league baseball history. baseball resumed when the owners and players agreed on a $500,000 increase in pension fund payments and to add salary arbitration to collective bargaining agreement.
  • new york city transit strike

    new york city transit strike
    the 2005 new york transit strike was a strike in new york city called by the transport workers in union local 100. negotiations for a new contract with the metropolitan transportation authority broke down over retirement, pension, and wage increase.