Space Race

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In History
  • Beginning of Space Race

    This was the beginning of the Space Race because the Soviet Union lanched Sputink 1 in to space.
  • First dog in space

    Laika the space dog was the first dog to go in to space. Laika went in to space when sputink 2 was lanched. Laika never returned to earth.
  • First monkey in space

    Ham was the First monkey to go in ro space and survive and came back to earth.
  • First Man in Space

    The first man in space was yuri gagarin a Russian cosmonaut.
  • First amarican man in space

    Alan B. Sheperd was the first amarican man in space.
  • First man to orbit the earth

    John Glenn Orbits the earth 3 times. John Glenn was from NASA.
  • First woman in space

    Valentina Tereshleova a Soveit Comonaut Was the first girl in space.
  • First man to do a space walk

    Aleksei Leonov was the first man to do a spacewalk. He was from the Soviet Union.
  • Space Race ended

    Apollo 11 set off and landed on the moon safely and retured home safely.
  • Started working with the Soviet Union

    NASA Started working with the Soviet Union.