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  • Calculus

    Calculus was created over time by a multitude of bright minds. Most often given recognition, however, are Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz. Newton had many of the ideas for calculus and leibniz created much of the notation.
  • Calculus

    Calculus has provided the world with explanations to things that happen in it. Many equations used for physics were discovered using calculus ideas. Without calculus many natural things would not have equations to explain their movement, actions, behaviors... etc.
  • Modern Steel

    Modern Steel
    Banjamin Huntsman did not create steel, but what he did was discover a process in which to make it that vastly increased the production pace. His crucible steel was much stronger than anything being made at that time and was much easier to make. this really exploded steel into the immense product it is today.
  • Steel

    Steel has had arguably one of the biggest impacts on the world out of any invention ever. From cars to railroads to airplanes to buildings, steel is just about everywhere in our society. Steel really helped the world to become industrialized by letting us build bigger, stronger, and cheaper things.
  • Internal Combustion

    Internal Combustion
    Nicéphore Niépce invented the first working internal combustion engine in 1807. He called it the Pyréolophore engine. It proved itself by powering a steam engine down a river in France
  • internal combustion

    The internal combustion was completely revolutionary as an invention. It enabled the modern enginge to be made, which can be found in all forms of transportation and in all sorts of factories. Transportation contributed to connecting the world before the internet. Distances could be traveled much faster, and this allowed suburbs to form and travelling to become much easier and more popular.
  • First Flight

    First Flight
    The Wright brothers had their first successful flight of an engine powered aircraft in 1903. The flight was accomplished in a 20 mph headwind. It lasted 12 seconds and the glider went about 60 feet at 7 mph.
  • First Flight

    The airplane allowed people to get places much faster that a car or a boat could. This was especiialy helpful in crossing oceans, as it cut the time from weeks to hours. This invention connected the world economically and physically. It also completely revolutionized warfare as gas and bombs could be dropped without soldiers even being on the ground.
  • Facebook

    Facebook was invented by Harvard student Marck Zuckerberg in 2004. It began as a Harvard only sociel media tool but quickly expanded to have millions of users all over the world. Although Facebook was not the first social media website, it is now the most widely used one, and therefore is most impactful to society.
  • Facebook

    Facebook revolutionized social trends in out society. People were now able to connect and communicate with each other wihtout having to actaully talk to them. You could keep up on their life without ever seeing them. It created a trend of being on the computer more often and has condense all of the people of the worls down to essentialy one website.