Shigeru Miyamoto

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  • Birth

    Shigeru Miyamoto was born on 16th November, 1952 in Kioto, Japan.
  • Joined Nintendo

    Joined Nintendo
    In 1977 Miyamoto to get an interview with Hiroshi Yamauchi, a friend of his father and president of the company Nintendo. Miyamoto was firmed as a designer where later, thanks to a game that was a successful exercise a great power in the company.
  • "TIME"

    The 1997 Time magazine 100 most influential people, considered one of the of the Earth thanks to their influential video games.
  • Príncep de Asturias award

    Príncep de Asturias award
    The 2012 Miyamoto receives the award the Prince of Asturias to be the main influential in the world of video games. For him, a video game, is any game where digital-mind the player interacts by choosing their decisions.
  • Un pas endevant

    Un pas endevant
    The 2015 Miyamoto became the leader of the Nintendo company for the tragic death of Hiroshi Yamauchi (Nintendo Controller). Today the company is performing Miyamoto a level beyond, promising new and unique console games such as the Nintendo Swich (the first console create for him).