Shelby!!! By: Rachel Mai, Rhea Tibrewal, Melina Dhakal, Kellie Morrow

Timeline created by mmmmkr
  • Shelby is Born!

    Shelby is Born!
    Phonology - Produces reflexive sounds like crying, fussing, burping, coughing, and sneezing.
    Ex: Shelby cries and fusses when she is hungry.
    Semantics - begins to look towards a source of sound & startles in response to loud sounds.
    Ex: Shelby looks at her daddy when he starts to play his guitar and jumps when he strums it.
    Pragmatics - She prefers infant-directed speech over adult-directed speech and attends to social partners.
    Ex: She begins to attend to her parents when they talk to her.
  • Shelby is Two Months!

    Phonology - Shelby begins to produce cooing and gooing sounds, raspberry trills, and clicks.
    Ex: Shelby coos at her mom when she talks to her.
    Semantics - She briefly holds two objects and puts them in her mouth.
    Ex: She begins to try and hold on to a pacifier and toy and put them in her mouth.
    Pragmatics - She is aware of strangers and unfamiliar situations. She briefly looks at other people.
    Ex: Shelby begins to notice new people coming around and doesn't seem to like it.
  • Shelby is Four Months!

    Phonology - begins to produce vowel sounds, vowel glides, squeals, growls. Shelby also starts marginal babbling.
    Ex: She begins to say "baaaa" and squeals.
    Semantics - begins to distinguish between purposeful and accidental actions
    Ex: She begins to know when she makes a noise as it gets a reaction from her parents.
    Pragmatics - begins to recognize her own name. She also fixes her gaze on faces.
    Ex: When her mom calls her by name she begins to make eye contact with her.
  • Shelby is Six Months!

    Shelby is Six Months!
    Phonology - Discriminating between two allophones of the same phoneme such as /d/. Canonical babbling as well as reduplicated and non-reduplicated are present.
    Ex: She begins reduplicated babbling with dada.
    Semantics - She attempts to imitate gestures and understands the word "no."
    Ex: When her mom says no as she tries to grab something she stops and tries to imitate her.
    Pragmatics - She engages in joint attention.
    Ex: Her dad and her play with a rattle together as it shakes and moves.
  • Shelby is Eight Months!

    Phonology - Begins to produce whispered vocalizations.
    Ex: Shelby does this by trying to whisper like her mom.
    Semantics - looks in the correct places for objects out of sight and searches for partially hidden objects.
    Ex: She looks for a ball her dad hid behind his back.
    Pragmatics - begins using intentional communication like attention seeking, requesting, transferring, responding, and informing.
    Ex: She babbles and squeals to get her sister's attention and requests for a toy.
  • Shelby is Eleven Months!

    Shelby is Eleven Months!
    Phonology- complex syllable forms, multi-syllabic strings, jargon.
    Ex: She uses her own language and jargon to engage in a conversation with her aunt.
    Semantics - produces her first word, and understands five to ten words.
    Ex: She says her first real word, "milk" and knows what it means when her mom asks, "Would you like some milk?"
    Pragmatics - uses imperative pointing and utters first true word.
    Example: Shelby points at her bottle of milk while saying "milk" indicating her need for it.
  • Shelby is 12 months!

    Phonology - Has mostly unintelligible speech, except for a few words
    Ex: Shelby still tries to engage with her mom with unintelligible speech and interjections of words she knows
    Syntax & Morphology – 50% of all utterances consist of single nouns
    Ex: She uses the word milk and mama.
    Semantics – Speaks first word
    Ex: Speaks her first word milk.
    Pragmatics – Uses referential gestures, voice detection, and body posture to infer intentions looking for an action.
    Ex: Points at a toy with a friend.
  • Shelby is 16 Months!

    Phonology - Pronounces about 25% of all words intelligibly.
    Ex: She talks but you can only understand every 4 words.
    Syntax and Morphology - Uses the word no
    Ex: Shelby begins to say "no" to her parents when they ask her to stop doing something.

    Semantics - Uses between three and twenty words
    Ex: She loves to chat and say her 14 words that she knows, such as milk and no
    Pragmatics - Use of verbal turn taking
    Ex: She uses this when she is playing with her dad and taking turns talking about it.
  • Shelby is 20 Months!

    Shelby is 20 Months!
    Phonology - Processes spoken words incrementally
    Ex: Begins to add on more new words as she hears them.
    Syntax & Morphology – Has an MLU of approximately 1.62. Begins using grammatical morphemes
    Ex: She says words such as crying and eating.
    Semantics - Produces about 50 words with some verbs and adjectives
    Ex: She uses words like high and jump when she jumps.
    Pragmatics – Uses gesture-word and two-gesture combinations
    Example - She puts a thumbs up and says I'm good to her daddy.
  • Shelby is 24 Months!

    Phonology- Asks questions with rising intonation.
    Ex: Says, "Can I have it?"
    Syntax & Morphology- Begins using two-word combinations, prepositions, plural and possessive morphemes.
    Ex: Says "all done"
    Semantics- Comprehends approximately 500 words. Produces about 200 words
    Ex: Understands when mama says to clean up.
    Pragmatics- Begins to use imaginative, heuristic, and informative language functions
    Ex: She makes up princess stories for her parents to hear.
  • Shelby is 28 Months!

    Phon.- says about 70% of all words intelligibly
    Ex: Mostly understood in conversations with some jargon.
    Syn.&Morp.- Uses present progressive morpheme -ing with mastery
    Ex: "I go swimming" when her aunt talks with her about her day.
    Sem.- Overgeneralizes about one-third of all new words, attends to sentence structures when interpreting new words.
    Ex: Uses the word "foots" for "feet".
    Prag.- Introduce & change discussion topics and engages in short dialogues
    Ex: Talk about her favorite princess.
  • Shelby is 34 Months!

    Shelby is 34 Months!
    Phon.- Suppresses most common phonological processes, pronounces about 80% of all words intelligibly
    Ex: Is able to say "tree" instead of "tee".
    Syn. & Morph.- Uses contractions, 25% of all utterances consist of single nouns and single verbs
    Ex: Uses the word can't.
    Sem.- Comprehends approximately 900 words, produces approximately 500 words, and asks simple questions
    Ex: Asks "Where'd it go?"
    Prag.- Clarifies & requests clarification during conversations
    Ex: Says "This way?"
  • Shelby is 36 Months!

    Phon.- begins to develop shallow phonological awareness abilities.
    Ex: Recognizes ball and tall rhyme.
    Syn.& Mor.- Shelby uses 4 to 5 words in a sentence and compound sentences.
    Ex: She says, "They went swimming and running" when asked what she did today.
    Sem.- She uses pronouns such as they and also uses fast mapping for new words.
    Ex: Uses the word they in her sentence above.
    Prag.- She engages in longer dialogues.
    Ex: Shelby talks with her aunt about the toys that she got for Christmas.
  • Shelby is 40 Months!

    Shelby is 40 Months!
    Phon.- Refines articulatory skills.
    Ex: Begins to reduce stuttering.
    Syn.&Mor. - Uses pronouns consistently and adverbs of time.
    Ex: She says "See you tomorrow".
    Sem.- Understands some relational terms such as small and big.
    Ex: She talks about a small ant that she saw on her big dog.
    Prag.- Begins to use primitive narratives and makes conversational repairs.
    Ex: Shelby corrects herself when she says today instead of tomorrow when telling a story to her daddy.
  • Shelby is 44 Months!

    Phon.- Mastered most consonants.
    Ex: She can now say the /k/ sound.
    Syn.& Mor.- Uses articles past tense consistently.
    Ex: Says, "I drank it all" when talking about her juice.
    Sem. - Understands some kinship terms
    Ex: She knows what grandma means now.
    Prag. - She understands indirect requests accompanied by non-verbal pointing.
    Ex: She picks up her toys when her dad looked at them and then pointed to them when she was all done.
  • Shelby is 48 Months!

    Phon-Decreases use of phonological processes
    Ex: Says banana instead of nana
    Syn & Mor- uses contractible and uncontractible auxiliaries, and irregular third person verbs
    Ex: Uses "has" properly and talks about how daddy is drinking his coffee.
    Sem- Uses reflexive pronouns
    Ex: Expresses how she went all by herself
    Prag-Uses interpretive, logical, participatory, & organizing functions, and constructs pure narratives
    Ex: Tells personal stories about her dance class
  • Shelby is 52 Months!

    Shelby is 52 Months!
    Phon-Intelligible in connected speech & has mastered almost all consonant sounds
    Ex: Mastered most consonants but some fricatives, such as /ð/ and /θ/ are tricky for her in everyday conversations
    Syn & Mor-Uses subordination and coordination in sentences & irregular plural forms
    Ex: Says men now instead of mans and is able to combine sentences
    Sem-Uses what does questions
    Ex: Asks "What does this do?" consistently
    Prag-Uses indirect requests
    Ex: She cries when she gets in trouble for compassion
  • Shelby is 58 Months!

    Phon-Knows letters that make up own name
    Ex: Shelby is able to spell and writes out her own name
    Syn & Mor- Combines 5-8 words in sentences
    Ex: She is able to say, "I want to eat ice cream."
    Sem-Uses 1500-2000 words, comprehends 2500-2800 words, and uses drastic terms
    Ex:Uses the word "this" when telling someone how to do something
    Prag-Uses narrative with sequence of events but no main theme or character
    Ex:Shelby tells her cousin a story about her day with no specific theme.
  • Shelby is 5-6 years old!

    Shelby is 5-6 years old!
    Phon-Masters plural morphemes, blends & segment individual sounds
    Ex: She uses babies plural correctly & is able to blend and segment words like "cat"
    Syn & Mor-Produces sentences with passive voice & begins to use morphology to infer new words
    Ex: Uses "was happy" correctly & learns "unhappy"
    Sem-Learns to read by decoding
    Ex:Reads with her knowledge of letter patterns
    Prag- Produces 4 types of narratives
    Ex: Shelby now knows how to produce recounts, accounts, event casts, & fictional stories