Section 3: France and Britain Clash

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  • British-French Rivalry

    British-French Rivalry
    Britain and France were two of the strongest powers in Europe. They competed for wealth and empire, which caused bitter feeling between French and British colonists. British became interested in the Ohio River valley, though the French regarded the land as theirs.
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    France and Britain Clash

  • The Iroquois Confederacy

    The Iroquois Confederacy
    The Iroquois Confederacy was the powerful group of Native Americans in the East. The Mohawk, Sencea, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida are the 5 nations in te confederacy. The group was later called the Six Nations after Tuscarora joined.
  • Fur Trading

    Fur Trading
    British fur traders built a fort in Pickawillany as hostility grew between the French and British.The French quickly attacked Pickawillany to drive the British out of Ohio. They also raided towns in Maine and New York. Because of this, New Englanders captured the important French fortress at Louisbourg.
  • Iroquois Power

    Iroquois Power
    The British put great pressure on the Iroquois, so they moved inot the Ohio Valley. The British became their allies after the French gave them certain trade rights.
  • American Colonists Take Action

    American Colonists Take Action
    A group of Virginian colonists planned on settling the Ohio Valley. Robert Dinwiddie sent George Washington to the Ohio country. George's mission was to tell the French that they were trespassing on Great Britain's land. He was demanded by the French to leave.
  • Washington's First Command

    Washington's First Command
    Robert Dinnwiddie made George Washington a lietenant. He then sent George back to Ohio with a milita of 150 men. They were told to build a fort where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers met. When they arrived there, they saw that the French were building a fort called Fort Duquese. The troops of Washington built Fort Necessity and attacked the French. Although, the French captured and later released the British troops.
  • The Albany Plan of Union

    The Albany Plan of Union
    Many representatives from colonies met to disciss the threat of war. They hoped to persuade the Iroquios to support the British. Benjamin Franklin created the Albany Plan of Union, but not one colonial assembly approved of it. No colony was willing to give up its power. Soon the French and Indian War began.