Second Industrial Revolution

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  • The First Industrial Revolution started

    it was in England. It revolved mainly around the textile industry, railroad, iron and coal.
  • The First Industrial Revolution finished and The Second Industrial Revolution started

    The Second Industrial Revolution was primarilyin the United States as well as in the continental Europe. Was defined more by steal chemicals, electricity and petroleum or fuel oil.
  • T4

    It is one of the first affordable cars that became affordable to people because of the internal combustion engine.
  • The telephone and radio

    They were invented by Alexander Graham (telephone) in 1876 and in 1901 the radio. They were great replations of the telegraph because they were great ways for communication across the world.
  • Electricity

    It was one of the biggest inventions by the time.
  • Wright Brothers

    It is the first successful plane. It was invented bye the age of 1903.
  • The Titanic

    It was invented the 31/05/1909 and now a days it is one of the most important and famous ships or oceanliners.