Sabeer Bhatia

Timeline created by Anzalone1495
  • Starting Hotmail

    Starting Hotmail
    Sabeer and his friend Jack Smith, set up Hotmail email.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year

    Entrepreneur of the Year
    Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Aquisition with Microsoft

    Aquisition with Microsoft
    As President and CEO, Sabeer guided Hotmail's rapid rise to industry leadership and its eventual acquisition by Microsoft in 1998.
  • Sabeers next accomplishment

    Sabeers next accomplishment
    Sabeer left Microsoft to start another venture, Arzoo Inc, an e-commerce firm.
  • 'People to Watch'

    Sabeer was named by times as one of the 'People to Watch' in international business.
  • NeoAccel

    Sabeer became an angel investor for NeoAccel.
  • Launched

    Launched to the public
  • Jaxtr

    Sabeer Bhatia's Sabsebolo acquired Jaxtr for an unknown amount.