Russian Tsars

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  • Catherine the Great

    Catherine the Great
    -Catherine was the longest reigning female leader of the Russian Empire
    -She made Russia the dominant power in south-eastern Europe
  • Paul 1

    Paul 1
    -He adopted the laws of succession to the Russian throne that lasted until the end of the Romanov dynasty and the Russian Empire.
    -Paul emphatically reversed many of the harsh policies of his mother.
  • Alexander 1

    Alexander 1
    -He built many universities across Russia
    -He helped form the coalition that defeated Napoleon
  • Nicholas 1

    Nicholas 1
    -He was obsessed with the military
    -Passed a law that enforced Jewish boys to join the army for 25 years.
  • Alexander 2

    Alexander 2
    -He freed the Russian serfs
    -Lost the Crimean War
  • Alexander 3

    Alexander 3
    -maintained peace with his European and Asian neighbours
    -He executed all those responsible for his father's death as well as all direct leaders of terrorist revolutionary groups
  • Nicholas 2

    Nicholas 2
    -Bloody Sunday
    -Russian Revolution