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  • Cause 1

    Cause 1
    Who fought: French with Native Americans vs. British Colonies (British Government) Where: North America When: From 1754 to 1763 Who won the war: The British won the French and Indian war How is this a cause that led to war?: This caused the war by the parliament and the British taxing the colonists and it also weakened Britain and the colonists took action.
  • Cause 2

    Cause 2
    Who issued it: The British Who did it affect: The colonist When: October 7, 1763 What did the Proclamation do to the colonies?: It affected the colonies by not allowing them to buy land or make agreements with the natives. How is this a cause that led to war?:
    This caused the war by the British controlling the colonists and not allowing them to settle which angered the colonists and they rebelled against the British causing the war.
  • Cause 3

    Cause 3
    When: April 5th,1764
    How did it affect the colonists? The British enforced tariffs on goods which angered the colonists. They smuggled sugar to avoid paying the tariffs which decreased the tax of British sugar. The British parliament increased the enforcement of the smuggling law. This led to war because parliament found out, enforced an anti smuggling act. The colonists questioned the intent of the British parliament. This helped with the growing movement against the British.
  • Cause 4

    Cause 4
    Enacted: March 22, 1765. Affect? British parliament put a tax on stamps. Colonists thought the taxes were harsh and that the British shouldn't stay in the colonies. British had control. Colonists had no voice which strained their relations. July 1765, Sons Of Liberty was formed by Samuel Adams & John Hancock. The 1st action was to protest against the Stamp Act. How did this lead to war? It raised an issue with taxation. Ten years later they formed the militia and rose against the British army.
  • Cause 5

    Cause 5
    Enacted: March 24, 1765
    How did it affect the colonists?
    It affected the colonists by forcing them to house the soldiers in barracks or they had to house the soldiers and allow them to live in local inns, stables,taverns,outhouses and barns.
    How is this a cause that led to war?:
    This caused the war by the colonists not being happy. They resented and opposed the quartering act because they were being taxed for provisions and barracks
  • Cause 7

    Cause 7
    Who: Hugh White had an argument with a few colonists. No one knows who fired the first shot. Where: Boston, Massachusetts When: March 5, 1770. What? they protested and provoked the British soldiers by throwing and spitting. A soldier got hit,ran into the crowd and a fight began. More people joined. British soldiers fired into the crowd killing 5 colonists, injuring 3. How did this lead to war? The colonists and anti-British groups united realizing how much they wanted American independence.
  • Cause 6

    Cause 6
    When: April 27, 1773. How did it affect the colonists? It affected the colonists because the British East India Company was allowed to sell tea directly to the American colonies which cut out the colonial merchants. How did this lead to war? This caused the war because the colonial merchants were not happy about it and reacted with anger.
    They started a boycott on tea and created a stronger resistance to the British that was not seen during the Stamp Act.
  • Cause 8

    Cause 8
    When: 12/16/1773 What happened and why: The colonial merchants weren’t able to export and sell tea. The Tea tax was very high & they did not want to pay it.To protest they dressed up as Mohawk Native Americans and dumped 342 chest of tea into the water to make sure none of the tea was sold. Protesters were from the SOL. Outcome/effect: British shut down the harbor until all 34 chests of tea had been dumped & were paid for. After the British created new laws called the intolerable Acts.
  • Cause 9

    Cause 9
    who:British Where: Boston,Mass.When: 6/2/1774 What/why: King George III passed Intolerable Acts. Boston Port Act:Bad for Rebels & Loyalists;Massachusetts Government Act:power to British governor;Quartering Act:Made colonists house soldiers;Administration of Justice Act: governor get away with murder;Quebec Act: Extend British/Canadian border. Led to war?Committee of Correspondence sent reps to first Continental Congress. Voted to stop trade w/ British.King sent soldiers to capture rebel leaders.