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  • French and Indian War

    French and Indian War
    The French was with Native Americans vs, British Colonies ( British Government ) . This war took place in North America . When it happened was between 1754-1763 .The rebels won from the help of the British . This cause led to the war by colonists were not being treated fair and also British taxing the people to pay off war debt .
  • Proclamation

    President George Washington issued the proclamation . This proclamation affected all 13 colonies . Also it was in 1763 . This affect made the some of the colonists move west and out of their homes . This led to the war by forcing colonists to stay east and they could not move west past the Appalachian Mountains if they wanted to
  • Sugar act

    This act was enacted April 5, 1764 . This affected the colonists because they wanted sugar and molasses but the government taxed goods brought to the colonies . But they were being taxed on imports . This led up to the war by reducing and increasing taxes and the colonists were in distress about the British Parliament .
  • Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act was enacted on March 22, 1765 . This affected the colonists by having taxes on colonists and they don't have much but also colonists rose in armed rebellion against British . This led to the war because they had many tariffs and British taxed without their consent .
  • Quartering Act

    This act was enacted on March 24, 1765 . This affected the colonists by them having more taxes and feeling pressured by them . Also feeling like they had no voice . This led up to the war because the colonists opposing the Quartering Act and the No taxation without representation .
  • Boston Massacre

    The American Colonists and British Soldiers . This took place on King Street in Boston and this happened on March 5, 1770 . There was a riot that occurred and then it escalated into British soldiers shooting at the colonists and killing some of them . This led up to the war by making the colonist and loyalist not liking each other and making a making a militia . And also taking away some of the freedom that the colonists had .
  • Tea Act

    This act was enacted on May 10, 1773 . This affected the colonists by them not being able to sell tea . This led up to the war because the Boston Tea Party act being intended to raise the revenue and making commotion with the Sons of Liberty , and Government .
  • Boston Tea Party

    This was enacted on December 16, 1773 . This took place on Griffin Wharf in Boston . The Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of tea imported into the harbor because of frustration and anger at Britain for imposing taxation without their consent . The outcome was the British shut down the Boston Harbor until all the chests of tea were paid for .
  • Intolerable Act

    This act was March 24, 1774 . King George 3rd wanted to punish the colonists . This led up to the war by because that made the colonists angry .